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Zdepth in after effects
show user profile  3joez
I would like to generate zdepth masks from the frames of my animation (in Max, obviously) and then use those as depth masks in AE. Is it possible? I mean, I've tried rendering the set with real DOF but render times are
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10/4/2011 10:38:00 AM (last edit: 10/4/2011 10:38:00 AM)
show user profile  killerbee2
best plug is from frishcluft to do dof. There's the native lensblur inside AE too but I prefer using the other one.

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10/4/2011 10:50:03 AM (last edit: 10/4/2011 10:50:03 AM)
show user profile  khamski
nah nah... I've hitted my head over that too not believing that post process dof can be any good.
But heck! It can be! Just create zdepth render element sequence and feed it to frishluft as kb said.

If you don't have it then use simple blurred adjustment layer matting with that mask.
But it won't be as good as frishluft effect i guess.

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10/4/2011 1:20:48 PM (last edit: 10/4/2011 1:22:16 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
AE has a native lensblur effect that DOES use the zdepth pass. Adjustment layer is too fake.

The AE lensblur is not quite the same as Frisch.....BUT it is good.
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10/4/2011 2:55:32 PM (last edit: 10/4/2011 2:55:32 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
Bolts believes that to get really good idea DOF you need to get it through the camera settings (f-stop)...

I think ideally what bolts has said in the past makes sense (to get stuff as realistic as possible).

(I am not speaking for him, I just recall him saying smoething like this in the past).

- Portfolio-

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10/4/2011 7:24:51 PM (last edit: 10/4/2011 7:24:51 PM)
show user profile  chillywilson
I always do it in post. But I also use the tape measure in max to see what my min and max should be in the zdepth pass. I always go beyond the measure of the start and stop just incase i want to blur thing out with out having it focus on other things.
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10/4/2011 11:43:32 PM (last edit: 10/4/2011 11:43:32 PM)
show user profile  killerbee2
9krausec, Bolt is right.

There are some limitations to postdof + artefacts but on tight deadlines + flexibility it usually wins the battle.

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10/5/2011 11:24:47 AM (last edit: 10/5/2011 11:24:47 AM)
show user profile  3joez
Ok, go for lensblur. Now I'm wondering how should I set up the zdepth pass in AE?
I have 600 color pngs and 600 zdepth frames.
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10/5/2011 3:15:31 PM (last edit: 10/5/2011 3:53:42 PM)
show user profile  chillywilson

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10/5/2011 5:59:00 PM (last edit: 10/5/2011 5:59:00 PM)
show user profile  Bolteon
yup; post dof is great for tight timelines and flexibility... especially if the effect is meant to be subtle.

but; for when we can, we rape the shit out of in camera depth mainly due to a ease of use. less post work, the ability for it to work in refractive situations, and the ability to render some extreme dof leaves it the best solution for total realism.

sometimes though, you just can't afford it though...

-Marko Mandaric

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10/5/2011 7:18:21 PM (last edit: 10/5/2011 7:18:21 PM)
show user profile  3joez
Ok, guys, mission accomplished, thanks. Now there's one last thing I'm unsure of.
I've exported my pngs in gamma 1, in AE I pump them up again to 2,2, using color correction-->gamma/pedestal/gain-->shifting up red gamma, blue gamma and green gamma (leaving stretch and pedestal to 1, since I don't know what could be their use).
It seems to me though that the result is not quite similar to the original. Am I doing it right?
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10/6/2011 2:54:41 PM (last edit: 10/6/2011 2:54:41 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
Bump gamma with the Exposure effect.

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10/6/2011 2:57:50 PM (last edit: 10/6/2011 2:57:50 PM)
show user profile  3joez
Ok, but it looks grainy. I suppose that's due to the 8bit format.
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10/6/2011 3:12:30 PM (last edit: 10/6/2011 3:12:30 PM)
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