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ZBrush - Polypaint question
show user profile  Spear Chuck
I accidently hit some button when I was toggling Shift > Z for Spotlight, now what ever I do to paint the color stays the same. What gives?

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4/18/2015 4:02:31 AM (last edit: 4/18/2015 4:05:20 AM)
show user profile  herfst1
You probably have a texture map turned on. The tab's in the right-hand menu.
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4/18/2015 4:04:00 AM (last edit: 4/18/2015 4:04:00 AM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
That's not it, it's off, nothing's showing in the slot
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4/18/2015 4:14:39 AM (last edit: 4/18/2015 4:15:01 AM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
Even when texture's on/off and I have RGB or MRGB I can't paint. New documents work

I'm done for the night, thanks for trying
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4/18/2015 4:16:23 AM (last edit: 4/18/2015 4:23:11 AM)
show user profile  herfst1
Maybe you turned on layers.
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4/18/2015 4:25:43 AM (last edit: 4/18/2015 4:25:43 AM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
I noticed the undo or advance indicator bars don't advance when I paint. No paint is applied.
Layers are off
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4/18/2015 4:38:06 AM (last edit: 4/18/2015 4:42:30 AM)
show user profile  moid1111
try to be in standard brush mode when polypainting .
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4/18/2015 2:05:41 PM (last edit: 4/18/2015 2:05:41 PM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
I'm wondering if I'm trying to paint on a masked out area. I'm so new at this I could be in some mode I know nothing about. It all started with getting Spotlight going with Shift > Z. I may have put be in another thing an not known it although the brush indicator and adjustments are active.
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4/18/2015 2:30:16 PM (last edit: 4/18/2015 2:30:16 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
If there is no texture in the spotlight covering the model then nothing will be projected.
Try using a texture in spotlight over the model and paint it.
When you want to go back to regular polypaint-mode you must turn off spotlight.

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4/18/2015 2:53:07 PM (last edit: 4/18/2015 2:53:07 PM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
Doesn't Shift Z turn it off?
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4/18/2015 8:17:22 PM (last edit: 4/18/2015 8:17:22 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred

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4/18/2015 8:24:35 PM (last edit: 4/18/2015 8:24:35 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Is colorize turned on in polypaint?

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4/18/2015 8:41:04 PM (last edit: 4/18/2015 8:41:04 PM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
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4/18/2015 8:50:27 PM (last edit: 4/18/2015 8:50:27 PM)
show user profile  K-tonne
what happens when you change the colour selected in the swatch?
can you colour fill a new colour?
what are your UV's doing- and is it a zb primitive or an import?

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4/18/2015 9:00:05 PM (last edit: 4/18/2015 9:00:05 PM)
show user profile  Spear Chuck
The Matcap changes the color but the color swatch doesn't do anything...although it does change color to what I choose
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4/18/2015 9:06:01 PM (last edit: 4/18/2015 9:06:01 PM)
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