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wt approach do you suggest
show user profile  wello
hey ,
i want to fold a peace of paper in to diff shapes .. like impossible ones in real logic life :D
like turning a peace of rectangled paper to the shape of an eagle.. but by folding the paper not deforming

i'm just looking for idea suggestions

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2/21/2009 5:32:19 AM (last edit: 2/21/2009 5:32:19 AM)
show user profile  Phalse
why dont you model the finished shape with box method,

shell it

then cut it apart, unfold and render the animation

You will have to know some of the actual origami steps and follow them in detail to create the origami base shapes.

This will take a bit of work and wont be perfect.

If you want it accurate you would just have to follow an origami book from the first step on but in 3D.
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2/21/2009 7:31:37 AM (last edit: 2/21/2009 7:34:34 AM)
show user profile  wello
you are right about that origami steps .. i didn't know it has diagrams and stuff

sure if i knew my steps i could figure it out

but when it comes to max i wanted to know a way for animating my vertices around but keeping the distance from each other

i could animate my vertices directly but i want to keep the distances accurate
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2/21/2009 8:24:37 AM (last edit: 2/21/2009 8:24:37 AM)
show user profile  advance-software
Could you do that using bones ? (skin modifier), you would then move the bones, not the vertices.

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2/21/2009 8:39:54 AM (last edit: 2/21/2009 8:39:54 AM)
show user profile  wello
i tried bones sure

the problem im facing with it, is the direction of linkage between parent and child bones and the pivot point position and the weight of vertices divided on more than one bone

for example in the photo this vertex's weight is divided between bone 1,2 and 3.. therefore when i rotate bone "3" as you see it's only constrained to it 33.3 percent

and as you see i'm placing bones along edges.. i think maybe thats wrong bcoz of the bone linkage direction is one way now

origami tst
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2/21/2009 9:30:09 AM (last edit: 2/21/2009 9:31:34 AM)
show user profile  MrBurns
You could use dummies as bones and use one dummy per vertex.
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2/21/2009 10:11:21 AM (last edit: 2/21/2009 10:11:21 AM)
show user profile  wello
yes .. i think thts the only open way for me now ... though it's not perfect bcoz as i said i can't keep the same distance between vertices or dummies accurate
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2/21/2009 10:20:03 AM (last edit: 2/21/2009 10:21:06 AM)
show user profile  MrBurns
For the folding you could use further dummies (on the folding axis) and temporarily link the required dummies to those ones using a position list (I think that was its name). Anyway, I hope you know what I'm on about. That way the dummies would keep their distances.
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2/21/2009 10:34:16 AM (last edit: 2/21/2009 10:34:36 AM)
show user profile  wello
yes.. good idea i think i will try that adding dummies where i want my folding pivots to be then transform referring to that added dummy.. that would work i think

although i feel thr is a more direct way we are missing

thanks Mrburns
read 433 times
2/21/2009 10:56:22 AM (last edit: 2/21/2009 10:56:22 AM)
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