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word errors
show user profile  stevey2shoes
excuse the repost (i cant fidn my original thread)

I posted a few days ago with an error in Microsoft word 2010,
I downloaded malwarebytes as recommeded and i THOUGHT this sorted the problem

what happens is (only recently) i tried to edit a word documetn, it freezes, and eventually says that it the internet connection was lost as it was trying to update something.
this is crap as it was working jsut fine before and there is NOTHING wrong with my internet connection.
has anyone else had this or know of a fix?
failing this, can anyone tell me how which update this might have been and how to unistall this update (and hopefully cancel any further updates that bugger e about as i have some VERY imortant stuff on there that i cant get to now )
thanks in advance
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11/26/2014 3:26:17 PM (last edit: 11/26/2014 3:26:17 PM)
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