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Possible to wire more than one parameter together without a dependency conflict?
show user profile  Coaster
I'm trying to animate a Zipper type fairground ride but have run into a problem with wire parameters. If you're not familiar with the Zipper ride here's a video.

Putting the basic kinematics together was no sweat. Essentially we have a carriage attached to a frame. The frame consists of two opposing halves that hinge like an elbow using an HI solver. Each full frame is then attached to the track spline via path constraints on both the leading frame and HI solver goal. The Z-Rotation of the two large drive wheels at the ends of the track frame are wired to the percent controller of the path constraints...

... but therein lies the problem.

This works perfectly for one half of the frame, or for one HI solver goal. But when I attempt to wire the wheel to multiple frames I end up in some sort of dependency loop. I'm wondering if there's some clever way around that?

There's a good reason I want to control the carriages using a single wheel, that is I need to generate some subtle motion with respect to the start-stop cycle. These old rides are rickety, they jiggle and shutter. Keying the carriage frames directly is possible but I can do no better than a smooth animation. To help create a more realistic animation and make adjustments easier I want to reduce the input to a single parameter on a single controller.. in this case the Z-Rotation on the wheel.

Anyone with experience wiring parameters know a trick I can use? Or perhaps you can think of a better way of rigging this ride? Maybe trying to actuate the percent controllers through the wheel isn't the best way to go?
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9/18/2015 10:13:39 AM (last edit: 9/18/2015 10:18:43 AM)
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