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Why Max is no good for movies?
show user profile  asd
I've read that many times: Max is better for short (or independent) movies and for 3D games modeling, while Maya is much better at full-length movies and special FX (and always with a "Maya is the big guy, Max is only popular" undertone).
Far as I can see, both Max & Maya have the same capabilities- no big advantage on one side.

So, why so many people make the above statement?
read 717 times
2/2/2009 5:26:34 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 5:26:34 AM)
show user profile  Dave
Everything fails in comparison to Blender.

There used to be a time when that was funny...

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 705 times
2/2/2009 5:55:56 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 5:55:56 AM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Max is used in lots of movies.

read 699 times
2/2/2009 5:58:43 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 5:58:43 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey

read 694 times
2/2/2009 6:00:28 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 6:00:28 AM)
show user profile  Setherial
read 673 times
2/2/2009 6:35:43 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 7:01:32 AM)
show user profile  Jollabollathan
Autodesk will eventually ruin Maya as well anwyay so in the end it doesn't matter ololol

Then they'll do the same with Softimage, acquire Lightwave and Blender and do the same with those, so eventually all we'll be left with is Daz 3d.

read 644 times
2/2/2009 7:06:30 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 7:06:30 AM)
show user profile  dd
/me beats jollabollathan around the head with a cinema 4d manual


read 639 times
2/2/2009 7:13:21 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 7:13:21 AM)
show user profile  advance-software
They can't aquire Blender. It's open source.
read 633 times
2/2/2009 7:19:39 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 7:19:39 AM)
show user profile  Jollabollathan
Oh they'll find a way.

Just you wait.

*shakes fist*

read 613 times
2/2/2009 8:04:09 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 8:05:04 AM)
show user profile  AntiCitizen
I'm pretty sure Toy story was not made by 3ds max and that black hawk down may have had a few effects done woth 3ds max such as the helicopter crashing but i wouldn't say it was "made" with 3d studio max, i've tried using maya but 3ds max is so much easier to use, and who cares what makes the cgi as long as it looks good which in most cases is lightwave
read 605 times
2/2/2009 8:07:59 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 8:07:59 AM)
show user profile  asd
I was NOT joking. All I wanted is to find out what makes Maya better for movies- and I've surfed a lot of forums that were supporting that idea, along with "Max is for amateurs, Maya is for big projects/professionals".
Don't take this as trolling or joking.
read 584 times
2/2/2009 8:47:00 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 8:47:00 AM)
show user profile  horizon
Well blur used max, now they moved to XSI if I remember right. They also used Brazil but now they use something else (inhouse renderer perhaps?).
So it's a matter of preference, workflow and whatnot, nobody will give you a straight, objective unbiased answer.

read 581 times
2/2/2009 8:52:37 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 8:52:37 AM)
show user profile  AntiCitizen
For final fantasy advent children the company developed their own 3d program for the movie itself now thats what i call genius, i'd imagine learning max is really easy compared to devoloping the program itself
read 577 times
2/2/2009 8:55:53 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 8:55:53 AM)
show user profile  horizon

Not a strange thing for 3d studios

read 572 times
2/2/2009 8:59:50 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 8:59:50 AM)
show user profile  killerbee2
Oh sigh...

Maya isnt better then Max or Lightwave or Blender or whatever.
The reason Maya is more widely implemented on highlevel jobs is because of the programmable pipeline. Say you use renderman or air as highend rendersystem, maya is more configurable and customisable then any other package. And it built a solid reputation because of that.

On most movies with FX there's a variety of programs used based on the several production houses using their own choice of software or specific needs of the FX.

read 568 times
2/2/2009 9:04:12 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 9:04:12 AM)
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