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Weird autogrid issue
show user profile  jpedleham
Im having a problem. I made a box, chamfered all the corners and now the top and side faces dont work with autogrid. as i drag the cursor across it drifts and rotates on the z axis making it impossible to align anything.
Ive had the problem before.
Anyone got any thoughts on how to fix it?

read 333 times
11/18/2016 11:55:01 AM (last edit: 11/18/2016 11:55:01 AM)
show user profile  herfst1
Yeah, autogrid sometimes messes up. If I have that issue I just autogrid to some other part that has the same alignment.

Likewise you could use align by tangent.

read 328 times
11/18/2016 12:01:06 PM (last edit: 11/18/2016 12:01:06 PM)
show user profile  jpedleham
Turns out it was my smoothing groups being weird. Thanks for the tip though i didnt even realise align had a context menu. 6 years in and im just discovering this...
read 317 times
11/18/2016 2:24:24 PM (last edit: 11/18/2016 2:24:24 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
NP. Heard you spoke to Greg from my office the other day (pretty sure it was you), cheers for blowing my MF cover, have to be all pc now on this site... or get a new username that isn't my surname.
read 310 times
11/18/2016 3:21:11 PM (last edit: 11/18/2016 3:21:23 PM)
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