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Wave Texture
show user profile  HG
I have a cloth and I want to give a subtle movement to it from Top right to bottom left. I want to do it with wave texture. and give it as a bump. it should be very fine and subtle. I apply the wave texture to my cloth and in the view port it shows right but when I render it , it shows me something different. and I can't fix it . Why ?
How can I get render exactly what i see in my viewport ?
tnx in advance
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4/11/2016 9:39:40 PM (last edit: 4/11/2016 9:39:40 PM)
show user profile  HG
The other problem is that I can not change the origin of my wave. it is always where my pivot point of my object is..
Must I change my pivot for having another center point ??
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4/11/2016 9:53:01 PM (last edit: 4/11/2016 9:53:01 PM)
show user profile  FX
Pictures or it never happened.

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4/13/2016 2:58:45 AM (last edit: 4/13/2016 2:58:45 AM)
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