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Watching your art change over years...
show user profile  ssava
It's an amazing thing to watch my storytelling improve over the last almost 10 years with the same models, software, etc.

I just did a page where we revisit pirates from chapter 3 and the improvements in my storytelling are remarkably noticeable.

As an artist...we're never satisfied with our work. So for me to actually be able to sit back and think "wow. This came out better than I thought" is a nice change for me.

All I see after almost 10 years of working with the same characters and environments is the flaws. The kinks in the rigging. The shoddy textures. The poor designs.

But today...I feel like I've pushed these tired old models past a threshold. Or barrier that's been mentally keeping me back.

Anyways. Thought I'd post about it. Share this revelation.

Here's the original pages done in 2004...

And here's yesterday and today's pages...

And here's a close up of one of the panels...

Would love to hear your thoughts.


Scott Christian Sava

read 980 times
9/9/2011 4:53:19 PM (last edit: 9/9/2011 4:54:35 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Your latest stuff is awesome. Is it all your work? Just one guy?

read 971 times
9/9/2011 4:57:28 PM (last edit: 9/9/2011 4:57:28 PM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
You should be VERY proud.
Great work to begin with IMHO,....and the improvement is amazing.

read 967 times
9/9/2011 4:58:35 PM (last edit: 9/9/2011 4:58:35 PM)
show user profile  ssava
The character designs were by one person, the models by others (some maxforumites), rigging by others, environments by others.

They were all done 10 years ago...and I've been playing with these models since.

The writing, storyboards, lighting, posing, and rendering is all me.

I guess I'm squeezing out every ounce of use from these characters and environments as I possibly can...ha ha.

And thanks for the compliments.

Scott Christian Sava

read 964 times
9/9/2011 5:00:37 PM (last edit: 9/9/2011 5:00:37 PM)
show user profile  ssava
Thanks Dr. Jim!

Scott Christian Sava

read 962 times
9/9/2011 5:00:56 PM (last edit: 9/9/2011 5:00:56 PM)
show user profile  ssava
Sorry...I forgot to mention...

The crazy thing is...letting go every day.

Since I have to update 5 times a week...letting a page go is the hardest thing.
Knowing that another day would improve the art.

That's always a tough pill to swallow.

Scott Christian Sava

read 961 times
9/9/2011 5:02:13 PM (last edit: 9/9/2011 5:02:13 PM)
show user profile  mike_renouf
Very very cool. I especially like the quality of the light in the last two panels. Your project is inspiring. A year or so ago I came up with a storyline and tried turning it into an episodic comic which I began hand drawing. It was Soooo time consuming I only did two episodes. One day I hope to have the free time to go back to it. I'd be tempted to try it in 3D after seeing your successes. Itd take me a year or so to come up with just the character models though.. !

read 911 times
9/9/2011 8:52:14 PM (last edit: 9/9/2011 8:52:14 PM)
show user profile  ssava
Thanks, Mike!
It's a big investment. Not only in money...but time.

I hope you give it a shot. But learn to let the first pages go as you learn.
It's easy to get caught wanting to tweak older pages.

I still look back on the first chapter with mixed feelings.

Scott Christian Sava

read 864 times
9/10/2011 2:19:22 PM (last edit: 9/10/2011 2:19:22 PM)
show user profile  ulisei
hi scott-

i tried several times to build up some comic-book items like the police-robots in "akira" or the talking robots in "the meta-barons", but they look different in every single image in the books (in detail, obviously).
but your characters look like the same as they starts, thats fine and of course, very important. improvement of techniques and tools leaves their traces, thats ok too.
if you reflect and come to point that your characters are outdated, odd, boring, whatever - they don`t . i guess you are in trouble when your comic comes to movies and you´ll find the characters (and underlying software structures) are not good enough so far. again - they don`t. the story keeps everything together. and it is funny in a way, to see older stages of them. mickey mouse also look different in the older days - and, who cares? so don´t cogitate to much about it.

and best luck for your (further) projects

read 839 times
9/10/2011 10:40:59 PM (last edit: 9/10/2011 10:40:59 PM)
show user profile  ssava
Thank you,man. Really appreciate it.

Scott Christian Sava

read 797 times
9/12/2011 3:01:30 AM (last edit: 9/12/2011 3:01:30 AM)
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