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Want free webspace?
show user profile  Edge
Given the times that are in it, I thought I would offer my webspace upto anyone who would like somewhere to host their portfolio or resume site. I've seen alot of good friends become suddenly unemployed, so to help them and anyone else who may need it, I'm offering free space with a few limitations.

What I can provide:

Unlimited Space
Unlimited Transfer
Park or Redirect your own domain
FTP Access
Unlimited Databases

Further to this if anyone needs SVN hosting, I can host a few SVN Repo's, unfortunately the Server couldn't manage too many Repo's so this is limited.

All I ask is that the sites are used for your own personal sites (Portfolio, Resume, Blog or similar) and that you can provide evidence of what you will be putting on this website (WIP's, Finished Pieces, Existing Website etc.).

There are restrictions on content types : Pirated Content, Porn and anything else that would conflict with my License Agreement.

Anyone interested feel free to email me @



read 59047 times
3/3/2009 7:45:26 AM (last edit: 3/3/2009 8:35:08 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Featured ;) Very generous of you.

read 59036 times
3/3/2009 7:47:57 AM (last edit: 3/3/2009 7:47:57 AM)
show user profile  dd
nice one mate

read 59030 times
3/3/2009 7:51:17 AM (last edit: 3/3/2009 7:51:17 AM)
show user profile  mathias-soeholm
I might have asked you for some space months ago.

But i'm hosting by my self now, very nice of you though.

Website - Twitter

read 58814 times
3/6/2009 8:45:00 AM (last edit: 3/6/2009 8:45:00 AM)
show user profile  horizon
Can highly recommend Ronans offer. Been using it for a year now for my webpage from a sig. He even helped me with some domain questions I had (I have no idea how domains and net hosting work whatsoever)

read 58781 times
3/6/2009 11:40:42 AM (last edit: 3/6/2009 11:40:42 AM)
show user profile  bustedshell
Thats nice of you very nice ... unlike some people on this forum ...

read 58485 times
3/12/2009 10:40:24 AM (last edit: 3/12/2009 10:40:24 AM)
show user profile  dd
unlike some peeps on here? i think you should stay a little longer before making remarks like that mate and dont go judging it on the odd thread you may have read.

/me shakes ferking fist and marks bustedshell's card

read 58475 times
3/12/2009 10:48:42 AM (last edit: 3/12/2009 10:48:42 AM)
show user profile  Hua*MuLan~
I can use it to hold my new script or model . Well , If I can get one it may the first web owned by myself .Sounds owesome,perfect..........................................................................................Just cann't wait any more
Every day is a new day

read 58466 times
3/12/2009 10:59:17 AM (last edit: 3/12/2009 11:02:28 AM)
show user profile  klaymonster
holy crap dice nice servo animation
read 54288 times
5/28/2009 4:49:31 PM (last edit: 5/28/2009 4:49:31 PM)
show user profile  idemnow
Hell yea I would do that.
This is mysite

read 53618 times
6/9/2009 8:36:41 AM (last edit: 6/9/2009 8:36:41 AM)
show user profile  Stianbl
Hey there Edge!
Tried to contact you by mail, but no response.

If your busy ignore this =)
But if you got time, and still got free webspace, please let me know.

I would like to get some space to upload a blog or two. School related.

Thanks a lot in advance mate! =)

read 50891 times
8/2/2009 7:08:50 AM (last edit: 8/2/2009 7:08:50 AM)
show user profile  Duders
Is this offer still on? I would love some webspace if it doesn't cause you too much hassle. Would be for hosting my uni work and possibly a blog.

Thanks very much :)

read 50864 times
8/2/2009 10:17:53 AM (last edit: 8/2/2009 10:17:53 AM)
show user profile  Edge
Been Crazy busy recently, so if your email has slipped through without response just email me again.


read 50734 times
8/4/2009 2:46:34 AM (last edit: 8/4/2009 2:46:34 AM)
show user profile  LionDebt
Anyone know if this gig is still operational? I fired him an email but who knows!
read 28166 times
12/3/2010 11:02:26 PM (last edit: 12/3/2010 11:02:26 PM)
show user profile  horizon
My web at his server is still up, so I guess it is.
Wait a bit, then send him another one, he might have missed it, or haven't read it yet

read 28151 times
12/3/2010 11:50:39 PM (last edit: 12/3/2010 11:50:39 PM)
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