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Vray users?
show user profile  9krausec
I was looking at the Vray renderer and it looks pretty spiffy. I really was turned on with how vray handles light as far as allowing it to bounce off objects, unlike the scanline renderer. 600$ is pretty steep, but for the future I might be interested in getting it. Do any of you use it, does it really help you out that much and allow you to create 3d masterpieces more efficiently? In other words.. Is it worth the money?

- Portfolio-

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1/31/2009 7:56:03 PM (last edit: 1/31/2009 7:56:03 PM)
show user profile  Kajico
everyone and their mom uses vray

not me though, because i'm hardcore like that.

(\/) (°,,,°) (\/) Woop woop woop!

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1/31/2009 8:24:22 PM (last edit: 1/31/2009 8:24:22 PM)
show user profile  Stianbl
I use it, and I LOVE it.. :)

One could do very much with the included mental ray. Maybe about the same. But I jumped right to VRay, and so far it's been great. I never render witout VRay anymore. It just gives your models a much better look. That is, if you know the basics to make it work. Should not be too hard to get you going. :)

Some examples:
(two of my threads, and I'm just starting to use it.)

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1/31/2009 8:34:46 PM (last edit: 1/31/2009 8:36:34 PM)
show user profile  Phalse
I use final render, but it doesnt matter. Most of the high end software renderers can produce the same high quality look.

The "features" are the main difference.
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2/1/2009 1:47:21 AM (last edit: 2/1/2009 1:48:55 AM)
show user profile  Bolteon
i hate it.

-Marko Mandaric

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2/1/2009 6:20:08 AM (last edit: 2/1/2009 6:20:08 AM)
show user profile  Error404
it's capable of good results, most rendering engines are too, if you know how to use them. -

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2/1/2009 10:40:42 AM (last edit: 2/1/2009 10:40:42 AM)
show user profile  Chris123643
ive never used anything other than vray.. other than scanline... and i would say yes, its worth the money!... as others have said mentalray can give you just the same results, but it takes more skill! not pick up and play like vray is.

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2/1/2009 1:37:14 PM (last edit: 2/1/2009 1:37:14 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
alright, good input! Bolteon, you are the only person so far that has shown a dislike for vray, can you explain yourself, mister?

Why don't Raytrace materials work with Vray?

- Portfolio-

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2/2/2009 7:27:13 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 7:27:35 AM)
show user profile  Idiotforaliving
I use it every day, its good. But there's more good renderers out there :)

Because they are not compatible. just use vray materials and your set.

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2/2/2009 8:47:36 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 8:48:34 AM)
show user profile  9krausec
Then the question would be, "What is the top renderer that will give the very best output?"

- Portfolio-

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2/2/2009 10:04:21 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 10:04:21 AM)
show user profile  Kajico
i've heard of lot of good and seen a lot of good things about Maxwell.

(\/) (°,,,°) (\/) Woop woop woop!

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2/2/2009 10:15:01 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 10:15:01 AM)
show user profile  9krausec
I will be sure to look into maxwell Kajico. I might be going about this whole thing wrong though. Since I don't have any true rendering experience, I wanted to start off with the renderer that will give me the best results, but now that I think about it, would it be more benifcial to me if I were to master the defult scanline rendered/mental ray that come with max before moving onto other more advanced renderers/plugins?

(Please tell me if I am talking out of my ass or not!!!)

For instance, Vray will do superior lighting over scanline just because vray does the work for you as far as lighting goes (more options=more control=using 1 vray light as opposed to 2+ defult lights in order to achieve the same output), but you can achieve very close to the same as vray with defult renderers, it will just take one way more work and time. My mentality is that if I work with the basic stuff from max (such as the renderers) I will be able to better understand the more advanced(not even more advanced, just things that give you extra options and allow you to do more things faster) things (such as extras that don't come with max) that you can buy seperate from max. I will be able to pick up better on the theory of how things work, and what each extra has to offer.

I am just trying to figure out how to teach my fresh mind 3d work. Since I am building up from nothing I really want to build a good base for myself and not miss anything that will come around a bite me in the ass... Did this reply make any sense to anyone? and if so do you agree with my logic? Is it sound? or What else you would suggest with how I should be going about learning this kind of stuff for MAX efficiency?

- Portfolio-

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2/2/2009 10:29:20 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 10:29:20 AM)
show user profile  Dr. Jim
"....what renderer will give the best output"...????

C'mon now.
All the high-end renderers support the same feature set.
Some are faster at certain things than others,....depending on what feature.
Some are easier to configure than others,....depending on what feature.
Some are more scalable, easier for pipeline work,...or supported distributed rendering...etc

And they all require the user learn, and master their interface.

If you're only goal is to find the renderer that produces sweet, overused GI....quick and easy without having to learn anything....then Vray might be the one!

Yes! Youre above post says it. Learn how it all works first! Then look for things to make your life easier! Very good! Kudos to you !
read 628 times
2/2/2009 10:31:43 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 10:32:57 AM)
show user profile  9krausec
Thanks for the guidence Dr.Jim. I am not one of those hot headed, "I want major results now!" kind of starting max user. I know I am going to be in this game for a long, long while and I want to do it right by submerging myself in a shit ton of work to make sure that I know everything I can before i start going out and actually trying to pull of substancial projects. I will not be buying any plugins for max untill I can honestly say I know max inside and outside. I will get to know the program well enough over the next 2-4 years of training... : ) (I think I just sold my sou and my eyesightl to 3d work)......

- Portfolio-

read 623 times
2/2/2009 10:38:45 AM (last edit: 2/2/2009 10:38:45 AM)
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