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vray region renders differently every time
show user profile  joelr
hello there,

this is driving me crazy....
i am not changing anything in the scene, but when i render different regions, they render with different brightness every time.
you can see here in this example:


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5/14/2015 9:21:50 PM (last edit: 5/14/2015 9:21:50 PM)
show user profile  reeves1984
First step, try to isolate WHAT is different brightness every time.
Turn on elements
reflection/gi/lighting and see if they all change or just one of them.

It could be something that is effected by 'screen size' - if you re-render the same region, does it look the same?

Light cache is on example - your change does seem a bit extreme though

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

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5/15/2015 11:12:56 AM (last edit: 5/15/2015 11:12:56 AM)
show user profile  mike_renouf
Have you got subpixel mapping on? If I understand correctly, this causes some approximations in rendering, so might be the culprit.

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5/15/2015 2:09:53 PM (last edit: 5/15/2015 2:09:53 PM)
show user profile  hoads
I was like you, when i render with regions the light often darker Although I do not have any edits yet. well come to - 3d max model free download
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6/4/2015 11:44:19 AM (last edit: 6/4/2015 11:44:19 AM)
show user profile  3joez
If time independent is not checked, check it.

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6/5/2015 9:01:35 AM (last edit: 6/5/2015 9:01:35 AM)
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