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Vray displacement fliker issue
show user profile  FMMirel i got this scene that drives me crazy. Everything in the room renders out ok except the displacement on the carpet wich looks like a storm is running through it.

The only thing that stoped it was ussing the animation prepass and render modes on the irradiance map, but that took the time to almoust 2 hours per frame and i can't afford to loose that much time. I tried using vray fur but it's the same story.

The strange thing is that this happens only when the camera moves, when it's still the carpet doesn't have any problems. It's driving me crazy cause all the other moving objects render out ok. Any of you guys have some advice?...perhaps you ran into the same problem?

I must mention that i used irradiance map + light cache both on single frame..and as i said...the rest of the room renders fine. When i switch to irradiance + light cache with iradiance set on animation prepass and all seems to sort of get wrid of the problem (although there are still a lot of light variations in the room)

edit: just tried with brute force + light cache and it's the same deal White Death
previously known as jonnybravo_87
read 563 times
8/3/2009 3:47:20 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 4:39:32 AM)
show user profile  Boing
can't you just bake the irr map?
read 542 times
8/3/2009 6:52:46 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 6:52:46 AM)
show user profile  FMMirel
the problem is that there are lights and objects moving in my scene so a baked map wouldn't help me (also the lights change intensity) White Death
previously known as jonnybravo_87
read 537 times
8/3/2009 7:17:10 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 7:29:22 AM)
show user profile  Bolteon
if you use enough calc, it should go away with brute and light cache but you'll be in the same time frame for the render.

your best bet would be to exclude the carpet from the GI calc and just light it on it's own.

in the mean time, screens grabs; renders?

-Marko Mandaric

read 517 times
8/3/2009 10:17:53 AM (last edit: 8/3/2009 10:17:53 AM)
show user profile  FMMirel
totally true m8...thank you, i guess that if you want quality you need to sacrifice render times. I wasn't able to do that in this case and i just replaced the damned thing and tried to make it look as fluffy as possible only with geometry and bump maps. I'll try and post up a animation or something tomorrow just to show what a storm i had going there:))...i should have done that in the first place actually, it would have been much easier to see the problem...sorry:( White Death
previously known as jonnybravo_87
read 505 times
8/3/2009 12:27:46 PM (last edit: 8/3/2009 12:27:46 PM)
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