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3D Visualiser Required - London
show user profile  Mark Abraham

I run a London based experiential design and production agency. We are currently looking for a 3D visualiser to join us to ramp up the professionalism of our 3D output (we currently do 3D ourselves using Sketchup, occasionally outsourcing the visuals to 3D companies to turn into rendered visuals).

Typical visuals we would need are:

- Bespoke touring exhibition stands
- Exhibition stands
- Bespoke architectural structures
- Event layouts
- Existing building interior models
- Lots of other random requests

We are looking for someone who has a keen eye for design who can take a concept and run with it to create amazing visuals that will impress our clients. 90% of what we do is for brands so being able to design structures with brand values in mind is important.

The person who joins us must be able to turn around basic visuals very quickly (3D equivalent of scamps) which can then be improved on further as our clients sign off concepts, ending up with full rendered visuals.

An understanding of construction methods & materials is important as everything designed must be physically possible to manufacture. In depth manufacturing knowledge is not essential as we work closely with stand build companies however it is a general technical understanding that is important.

We work white label for many marketing agencies who often require 3D visuals so see this position as the beginnings of a new business unit and for the person we take on to be key in helping us develop this.

Our office is based in Farringdon, London and we do need the person we take on to work from the office.

Please can anyone who is interested email me with your CV, salary expectations and examples of previous, relevant work to.

Many thanks

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10/16/2011 3:41:05 PM (last edit: 10/16/2011 3:41:05 PM)
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