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Viewport problem
show user profile  Des
Okay, Im haveing issues working on a homework assignment. It didnt start like this so I dont know what I did to mess it up, but the plane on which my object is has apparently jumped like 20x the size it has started and now whenever I try to rotate the object moves so far off and isnt the center of my view that I cant functionally work on it. Ive tried looking around all over the place but Im apparently missing something. Project is due soon so I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks ahead of time.
read 537 times
4/11/2008 7:35:37 PM (last edit: 4/11/2008 7:35:37 PM)
show user profile  Bryan C.
use the "zoom extents" button, itll center whatevers in the scene in the middle so it doesnt do that.


read 531 times
4/11/2008 7:42:19 PM (last edit: 4/11/2008 7:42:19 PM)
show user profile  $$T-bone$$
....or hold down zoom extents button and choose the zoom extents selected in the fly-out menu.
then you can rotate around whatever is selected....i leave mine on this one, much easier.

read 515 times
4/11/2008 8:51:38 PM (last edit: 4/11/2008 8:51:38 PM)
show user profile  Bryan C.
yep me too, zoom extents selected is win.


read 510 times
4/11/2008 9:06:03 PM (last edit: 4/11/2008 9:06:03 PM)
show user profile  Des
thnx guys, appreciate the help. =D
read 504 times
4/11/2008 9:11:32 PM (last edit: 4/11/2008 9:11:32 PM)
show user profile  Des
hmm, I tried it and either Im doing something wrong (one would hope Im not pressing a button wrong lol) or I didnt explain correctl. I guess, its the view it self that Im trying to rotate, not the object itself, that might explain better. Basically, whenever I try to arc rotate it isnt centering on my object but going off in extremes. If that helps answer my question let me know =o
read 501 times
4/11/2008 9:16:15 PM (last edit: 4/11/2008 9:16:15 PM)
show user profile  Des
okay, well I found a quick solution to my problem I just created a new max file and merged the one I was working on into it. The only apparent difference between the two and what must have been causing the issue was the size of the basic graph plane ( dont know correct term) that said object was on, as opposed to the normal MAX size default ground plane that isnt very large, the one I was haveing troubles in was HUUUUUGE and I dont know what caused it, so I guess Im okay, but if anyone knows what caused the issue so I can avoid issues in the future, thanks.
read 498 times
4/11/2008 9:26:09 PM (last edit: 4/11/2008 9:26:09 PM)
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