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Viewport overscan
show user profile  zandernice
Is there a way/script to zoom into a camera view without changing the perspective. Im trying to model out over an image in a camera view with an image plane, and would like to somehow zoom in and model without changing the perspective -

Any ideas?

read 2521 times
3/31/2009 5:33:57 PM (last edit: 3/31/2009 5:33:57 PM)
show user profile  Error404
Would the 'overscan' script work? I'm not sure if you can do it the opposite direction, to crop in though.

I thought I heard someone talking about a way to zoom into the viewport without scripts, I can't remember if that was for Max or Maya though. -

read 2511 times
3/31/2009 5:44:24 PM (last edit: 3/31/2009 5:45:44 PM)
show user profile  horizon
There is a blowup option, but that's for renders only afaik, if that's what you mean

Shouldn't there be a way to calculate the fov or lens mm or smth if you create another camera at the same spot and zoom in, but correct the perspective with the new value?

read 2507 times
3/31/2009 5:48:15 PM (last edit: 3/31/2009 5:48:15 PM)
show user profile  zandernice
.Hey Error - Overscan doesnt work in the viewport i believe. Maya does do this. ..Why not max?

read 2497 times
3/31/2009 5:59:40 PM (last edit: 3/31/2009 5:59:40 PM)
show user profile  Garp
If you don't move the camera but increase its lens value (or decrease the FOV), you're actually zooming in without changing the perspective.
In the navigation controls, it's the eye icon (field of view), under the dolly.

Is that what you're after?

read 2484 times
3/31/2009 6:28:33 PM (last edit: 3/31/2009 6:33:03 PM)
show user profile  zandernice
I dont want it wider, I want to zoom in

read 2472 times
3/31/2009 6:43:42 PM (last edit: 3/31/2009 6:43:42 PM)
show user profile  Garp
Ehr... have you tried what I said? coz that's exactly what zooming is.
You don't move the camera but increase the focal length, hence getting a narrower angle (not wider!), hence getting a smaller part of the view to fill the same space on the film.
And the perspective doesn't change as the camera's standpoint is the same.

read 2467 times
3/31/2009 6:52:19 PM (last edit: 3/31/2009 6:52:44 PM)
show user profile  zandernice
oh, I see, yeah, Your right - Im not describing what I want correctly -

I do want to zoom in to a camera view like you say, but that only zooms into the center of the screen- I would like to do the same as you suggest garp,but pan and move freeley (kinda the same that you would as if you were zoomed into an image in photoshop without changing the perspective)

..does that make sense? The Main goal here is to see the details in the camera view without a 6 foot computer screen

read 2428 times
4/1/2009 10:26:08 AM (last edit: 4/1/2009 10:27:08 AM)
show user profile  Dejitarujin
Is this actually necessary? I've never heard if an instance where using Perspective or an additional camera was out of the question. If you can't see the details, then, well, you can't see the details - they won't matter anyways.

Edit: Didn't see that you were using an image plane. Which really begs the question, why are you using a camera with an image plane?
Specialty: Non-organic modelling and effects.
Setup: 3D Studio 2010 with finalRender.
Rig: No, no I can't.
read 2410 times
4/1/2009 10:49:47 PM (last edit: 4/1/2009 10:51:10 PM)
show user profile  Garp
If you pan, you change the camera's position and the perspective with it. Just zoom in and with the camera selected use the rotation.
You need a free camera or else it's locked on its target. Then set the reference coordinate system to local and rotate it around its x or y axis. x should move up/down and y right/left (z would tilt the view).
Hope this helps...

read 2405 times
4/1/2009 11:00:09 PM (last edit: 4/1/2009 11:00:09 PM)
show user profile  zandernice
yeah, its necessary - I cant really go into details, but Im modeling out a completed matte painting in 3D for a feature film- in camera view only - The reason i need to zoom in and pan is because its a hero shot for the big screen and I need to see the little details -

read 2378 times
4/2/2009 1:11:35 PM (last edit: 4/2/2009 1:11:35 PM)
show user profile  BishBashRoss2
I asked this same question a few weeks ago and came up with no answers. would love to know if you find a solution!

read 2364 times
4/2/2009 2:14:20 PM (last edit: 4/2/2009 2:14:20 PM)
show user profile  owtdor
Why not duplicate the existing camera and just move it on its local axis? As far as I know it won't greatly affect the perspective (if at all) provided it is perpendicular to the plane to begin with.
You can move the 2nd camera and freeze the original to always have it where you need it.

(or am I just not understanding what you need?)

read 2356 times
4/2/2009 2:55:22 PM (last edit: 4/2/2009 2:55:45 PM)
show user profile  Error404
that might be a temporary solution, what owtdor said. you could link a new camera to your current camera so that it inherits the main camera's positional animation, but then unlock the rotation of your new camera, then zoom in and rotate the new camera around to see the details. If the camera is not changing positionally, but only rotating and zooming, there will be no change in perspective, since perspective can only be changed by a translational move and not by rotation or zoom.

Might be a bit awkward at first, but it would probably work. -

read 2348 times
4/2/2009 3:37:34 PM (last edit: 4/2/2009 3:39:22 PM)
show user profile  zandernice
Ill try that, thanks guys

read 2338 times
4/2/2009 3:47:30 PM (last edit: 4/2/2009 3:47:30 PM)
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