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VIEW AWARD 2012 | International contest of animated shorts
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Hi Everyone,
my name is Nina and I am writing here because there's a big news form Italy and i would like to share it with you:

The 2012 VIEW AWARD’s are ready to come out in full! Breaking free from its international tradition, the 2012 VIEW AWARD’s are opening up their doors to new themes, subjects, and a wider audience of contestants!

The VIEW AWARD is promoted by VIEW Conference, the premiere international event in Italy on Computer Graphics, Interactive Techniques, Digital Cinema, Medical Imaging, 3D Animation, Gaming and VFX.

VIEW 2012, The Creative Power of Technology, from 16th to 19th October in Torino, will continue to focus on exploring the increasingly fluid boundary between real and digital worlds. Through lectures, meetings, tributes, exhibits, screenings and demo presentations VIEW will reveal the new digital frontier sweeping from cinema to architecture, from automotive design to advertisement, from medicine to videogames.

Here's the four categories of the 2012 VIEW AWARD:
Best Short
Best Environment Design
Best Character
Best Digital Visual Effects

First Prize: 2.000,00 €
Deadline for submissions: 15 Sept 2012

The websites for more information is:

Hope it will be useful for you

read 368 times
1/24/2012 11:41:27 AM (last edit: 1/24/2012 11:41:27 AM)
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BIG NEWS: VIEW Social Contest

Are you a designer, a visual artist or a computer graphics lover? This is what you are looking for!

If during, 2011 and 2012, you have made a movie, a short, a music video or a commercial using 2D/3D animation and/or VFX focusing on themes of social relevance, we are interested in receiving your work. For example, the themes explored could be poverty, discrimination, marginality, violence against women, young people and the labor market, immigration and integration, to mention only a few.
Deadline to submit is June 30th 2012
submission is free of charge
First Prize: 1000 €

More details:

read 310 times
2/6/2012 3:42:49 PM (last edit: 2/6/2012 3:42:49 PM)
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