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Very old works post yours
show user profile  luima
Hi Guys i was searching something on a backup drive, and found some old works and wanted to share them, if you have old renders please post it with a little info if you like.

001-scissorhands - this was the first complete character i did(textures, modeling, light, render), i modeled in lightwave (dont remember the version) and rendered in 3ds max 2.5, this also was my first work posted on this forum(invited by the user stax) , i guess it was in 1999 if my memory doesnt fail, the modeling and textures took me 6 months


002-the predator head- this was modeled in lightwave (late 1998), textured and rendered in truespace 2


003- girl body , i was trying to learn anatomic modeling, the computer was a 486 at 50 mhz ,4mb ram and 150 mb on disk space. it was modeled using lightwave . the neck show a stretching problem
i souldnt correct at that time.


004- sebulba head, when i saw star wars i tryed to model this character, but was too much for my pc and soon abandoned the project.

005 - camera- this was a speed challenge i did on my own, i modeled , textured , and rendered the scene in 1 hour.

006- Spawn character, i cant remember the date, the scene was almost a million polygons, again modeled in lightwave, rendered in 3ds max 2.5


007-drum set- this was modeled in 1997 and rendered in 1998, i tryed to model every piece of the set, i used booleans on almost every piece, modeled in truespace 2, rendered in truespace3.


008 dragon ball cell, modeled in lightwave, rendered in 3ds max 2.5 1999

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9/20/2011 4:42:07 AM (last edit: 9/20/2011 4:44:10 AM)
show user profile  ssava
1998...I modelled and animated hundreds of animations for the Game of Life.

Here's the cover I did.

This is why I don't model. Ever. Scott Christian Sava

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9/20/2011 3:31:07 PM (last edit: 9/20/2011 3:31:07 PM)
show user profile  Mr_Stabby

my first steps in flash at around 2003? i think

a school project i did a bit later in flash that got me a whole lot of detention, i thought it was pretty funny back then at least

my first experience with a tablet around 2005

this is exactly 1 hour after getting my hands on max for the first time in 2007 i think

couple hours later

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9/20/2011 5:36:53 PM (last edit: 9/20/2011 5:36:53 PM)
show user profile  horizon
Don't remember the year, but it was the first work I ever posted here
I asked for comments and everybody just made jokes about him not having a nose :P

I actually had this on sale on TurboSquid. It made no sales, go figure

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9/20/2011 6:00:04 PM (last edit: 9/20/2011 6:00:04 PM)
show user profile  Garp
This was 5 years ago, a month or two after I had discovered 3D (and computers!)

And the next one was:

Particularly proud of:

It was a mess and I loved it!
Then I moved to max.

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9/20/2011 6:17:40 PM (last edit: 9/20/2011 6:34:02 PM)
show user profile  luima
wow!! is really cool to look a t those old works , they have that "vintage 3d style" all over it.

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9/20/2011 9:05:19 PM (last edit: 9/20/2011 9:05:19 PM)
show user profile  BLoSk
Funny thread.
This thread made me go through my map with old 3d projects and wow I totally forgot about a lot of what I made back then.
Too bad the really old stuff from my first few years of maxing mostly got lost in a HD crash some years ago, would love to take a look at that again.

This is the only old stuff I had uploaded before, I might render some other old stuff (as lots of it I never really rendered a final pic of) and upload it later on.

Superdick! Lol.


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9/20/2011 9:20:26 PM (last edit: 9/20/2011 9:20:26 PM)
show user profile  gogodr
Here one of my very first models in 3DsMax

hmm I would say it was 2 years ago when I started doing some fractal abstract 3D too
I just did a couple of those and then never again ...

also found this one

Hello there

beautiful ;3

read 1764 times
9/20/2011 9:23:36 PM (last edit: 9/20/2011 9:26:49 PM)
show user profile  Error404
I don't have anything super old, this may be the oldest I have: -

read 1734 times
9/21/2011 6:52:00 AM (last edit: 9/21/2011 6:52:00 AM)
show user profile  ulisei
to see horizon´s bunny encourages me to show mine.
this was my really first (so-called) character animation in 2002.
i had no idea about "planting keys" for bipeds and a minimum about animation rules in general these days.
thats why i wasn´t able to let the bunny jumps correctly.
so i let the whole scene jumps beneath instead, thats why the feet are floating....
got salary for it tough because customer don´t knows it better either - hehe
after that i read books and tutorials for half a year or so...¤t=hasenorakel_wire.mp4¤t=hasenorakel.mp4

read 1673 times
9/22/2011 12:24:10 AM (last edit: 9/22/2011 1:14:40 AM)
show user profile  BattleMetalChris
These were inspired by the then 18-year-old me playing Carmageddon when it first came out, in about 1997. Modelled and rendered in Imagine 4. I was pretty much entirely self-taught at that point, just from messing with the software - I didn't have the internet at that point for tutorials and advice.

read 1559 times
9/26/2011 2:14:10 AM (last edit: 9/26/2011 2:16:32 AM)
show user profile  eMoneyGraphix
those are pretty sweet really awesome work you got there. I really like that one with the pocket lightsaber very creative. [img][/img]
read 1493 times
9/28/2011 7:56:32 AM (last edit: 9/28/2011 7:56:32 AM)
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