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Unwrap UVW...
show user profile  Mardem
Hi everyone..3 days ago i started to create a room..i finish most of my object it i started the final assembly today but the problem im facing is with textures of my desk and chair..i thought i my use UNWRAP UVW but i dont have the basic idea how that work..i try many things and i didnt make it.i read some tutorials(I dont really understand,..after i unwrap my model i just dragging them above the texture that i want??is that simple??if yes then i work my texture in photoshop and put them in the UNWRAP UVW)..i post a picture of the room.take a look of the desk and chairs..(I read from the rules of the website we dont have to post all of our useless jobs only the best.this is the best for me haha)..Any tips how im gonna use this kind of method something??or any tips how can i make the picture better..

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8/20/2009 6:36:09 PM (last edit: 8/20/2009 6:36:09 PM)
show user profile  Joey Parker Jr.
Looks like the room they have waiting for me in hell.

Grotey posted this link and it's the best uvw tut I think:

Here's a lighting tut I like but it's for vray:

I know there's some good lighting tuts for mr.
Some one will be along with one.
Good luck.
 photo 2012-sig_small3_zpsbd114b69.png

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8/20/2009 7:24:51 PM (last edit: 8/20/2009 7:24:51 PM)
show user profile  K-tonne
an easy and quick although dirty method for mapping hard edged stuff in max would to select everything on the front and back (y axis)of everything in poly mode, add a uvw modifier, planar, copy the largest number to the smaller in the height and width area so the planar map device is square, copy the modifier(so you can paste and rotate 90' instead of applying a new one and adjusting the size every time), add an uvw unwrap and in the edit window move them to one side, add an edit poly modifier
repeat with everything side to side ( x axis) then top to bottom (z axis)
then after the end edit poly modifier add a final uv unwrap and move the chunks so they cover the most amount of uv space by rotating, moving and even scaling (if it'll make no difference to the texture applied- meaning you can't just put a uniform wood texture on after scaling one part as it'll have a larger or smaller wood grain in this case)- you'll have lots of overlapping uv chunks that'll need their own unique space- or not if you can get away with things repeating- like the books in your scene above
weird sence of scale and decor in that room

Website and Portfolio

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8/20/2009 7:33:47 PM (last edit: 8/20/2009 7:33:47 PM)
show user profile  Mardem
thanks guys..can i select polygons and then apply uvw unwrap and be only for the polygons i choose???no for all the model??
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8/21/2009 3:57:39 AM (last edit: 8/21/2009 3:57:39 AM)
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