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understanding post work
show user profile  debodeebs
does anyone know what the best tutorial is for understanding this properly? ive just gone through a 2 day tutorial on advanced texturing and a full day on post work using fusion, the thing that bothered me was there was little or no different from the render straight from max and the post from fusion. this tutorial also states that using screen in photoshop is a poor way or post working hence why they use fusion which ive never used untill lastnight
read 424 times
7/29/2014 12:49:32 PM (last edit: 7/29/2014 12:49:32 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
what kind of post work?


read 401 times
7/29/2014 5:10:15 PM (last edit: 7/29/2014 5:10:15 PM)
show user profile  Coxy
Yeah, it depends on what you are trying to do. As with most things it really is just situational based around what your end goal is. It's always good to read up on the principles though.
read 391 times
7/29/2014 6:50:39 PM (last edit: 7/29/2014 6:53:49 PM)
show user profile  khamski
alO0t of postwork there

read 367 times
7/30/2014 8:18:26 AM (last edit: 7/30/2014 8:18:49 AM)
show user profile  debodeebs
well my main purpose is interior,s but ive been practicing on random objects for more technical texturing, for example i just made a wooden bucket with potato's and the guy who made the tutorial did some post in fusion but his before and after pics dont look any different and mine tends to look just fine without post.
read 353 times
7/30/2014 12:34:21 PM (last edit: 7/30/2014 12:34:21 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
interiors as in general still archi stuff? if so photoshop is ample. contrasts,levels, sats, curves, lenses etc etc is all thats needed.


read 348 times
7/30/2014 12:57:04 PM (last edit: 7/30/2014 12:58:15 PM)
show user profile  debodeebs
strat do you mind me asking how you get your scenes to look so clean and white? no matter how i use lights and cameras in max they wont look perfectly white they always either have a tint of blue or a tint of yellow and your walls always look brilliant white without any blow outs
read 343 times
7/30/2014 1:05:54 PM (last edit: 7/30/2014 1:05:54 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
i try to get the renderer looking as best i can get it before any post work. in Vray (in C4D's version anyway) i can manipulate the colour saturation and tint of the gi as it renders. this is part aside from the camera white balancing. most usefull. even without that, it's wise to learn your render engine inside out - your questions you just asked can be answered by knowing your software. i dont use any special tricks.

then, for cleanliness, i use very high sample settings for any area lights, with a good AA clean-up rate. takes longer to render but gives clean results.

then, if in photoshop i find my ceramic items are too saturated or colourful (they should be stark white usually), i'll render out a matte and desat in photoshop. this goes for a lot of things - if they end up too saturated and coloured, just mask them out and individually manipulate the levels in photoshop. a pain in the butt sometimes but industry standard methods.


read 339 times
7/30/2014 1:12:44 PM (last edit: 7/30/2014 1:17:07 PM)
show user profile  debodeebs
ok much appreciated for that strats :)
read 335 times
7/30/2014 1:31:30 PM (last edit: 7/30/2014 1:31:30 PM)
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