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Tutorials FYI
show user profile  GloriaJean
I have been immersed in hundreds of online tutorials for months now attempting to get up to speed on 3D MAX. I have been using Google and Bing and have encountered all manners of tutorials from absolutely horrid to Academy Award winning presentations...but none are better than those offered by Michael Grotey (MR Grotey), none. This dude knows his stuff. Kudo's to MR Grotey! and THANKS!!!!
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8/22/2015 10:59:46 PM (last edit: 8/22/2015 10:59:46 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
Yep, Life of a Sea Turtle was THE tutorial that got my head around the workflow of creating a character. Sure, it's dated now due to the zbrush workflow, but it's still a worthwhile watch.
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8/23/2015 6:26:26 AM (last edit: 8/23/2015 6:26:26 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Thanks very much!

(the cheque is in the post) ;)

read 434 times
8/23/2015 8:36:40 PM (last edit: 8/23/2015 8:36:40 PM)
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