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Turbosquid, let's help each other!
show user profile  StevegeK
Hey guys

We all know lot's of people are active on Turbosquid. Some make a living out of it, others see it as an experiment.

For me, I've been having an account for ages. Most of it is old junk I have on there but I think I have some decent products. I've had some sales and I'm quite happy.

But since I got a tad better in Max I decided to see how far I could go.

So why this topic?

Maybe we could post some links to products here where we could need some comments. Is the price allright? Does it need more info, renders or anything else?

Let's help each other out a little bit!

My latest products:

Some cars, great for game-sprites.


(toy) plane (from speedmodeling)

Design wine/bottle table

Now, post yours!

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9/1/2011 2:26:39 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 2:26:39 PM)
show user profile  STRAT
i removed all mine. couldnt be arsed filling out the tax returns on 'pocket money' every year.


read 838 times
9/1/2011 2:37:27 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 2:37:27 PM)
show user profile  Jock

I think the presentation of your images could do with some work to help you out with sales.

For example, the signature image for the table, if someone is looking at a page full of thumbnails its actually quite hard to work out exactly what the product is due to its placement in a room. In my opinion youd be far better getting an image in a nice studio environment. Same sort of thing with the plane, due to the background and lighting, at a galnce its hard to make it out. You really need your products as clear as possible for the thumbnail. After the thumbnail, you can then put other images if you say want to show it in use, in a room or the likes.

Another thing is that for me, id always fill the full 1200x1200 frame, rather than have odd rectangular shapes.

Edit: Ive given you some ratings to help out, but like i say, better presentation and i think you'll sell more. Plus always include a wirefrme.

Edit2: Having looked at them again, another thing is to beef out your descriptions. From my experience having 1 or 2 lines of text isnt enough, to look more professional beef it out with more information and sell the product like you would if you were convincing someone to buy yours over the competition.

read 829 times
9/1/2011 2:58:20 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 3:05:27 PM)
show user profile  StevegeK
Thanks Jock, will work on that as soon as I have some time. Do you have any (recent) items online?

My Free Textures!
My Portfolio

My photolog.

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9/1/2011 4:30:42 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 4:30:42 PM)
show user profile  Jock
Well tbh when you look at my collection you'll think its rich for me to give advice to anyone lol but to be fair its been ages since i put anything on TS and most of the stuff i put on ages ago is quite embarassing.

I know now what I need to do in terms of presentation etc, but you'll not see it on many of my products. I've been wanting to work on stuff to upload for a year or more but real work keeps getting in the way.

Heres one of my items:

read 791 times
9/1/2011 4:44:41 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 4:44:41 PM)
show user profile  owtdor
Everything I have up there is at least 5 years old, some of it is up to 7 years old. Just do a search for "owtdor" and it will bring up my entire collection. Sold about $1250.00 so far in the past 7 years. Not a lot I know, but what do you expect when I never update it? I used to have a lot more, but got rid of the really crappy stuff. What is left is just mostly crappy, but not total crap.


read 761 times
9/1/2011 6:26:28 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 11:52:40 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Jock... looking at your actual page, is there any reason why you've got multiples of what appears to be the same file, just under a different name? I had a better look at some of the similar objects and aside from what looks like different jpeg compressions... they were the same!

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 745 times
9/1/2011 7:16:17 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 7:16:17 PM)
show user profile  Jock
Nah nothings the same, everythings different. I experimented with doing a lot of cheap things in bulk and done loads of different variations, but there are subtle differences in them all.

The compression is no different in any images, its things like beading etc that are different.
read 731 times
9/1/2011 7:40:52 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 7:42:07 PM)
show user profile  BLoSk
Here are my few very old models on TS.
Surprisingly it has made me a bit over a whooping 30 bucks so far, almost all for the bike alone lol.

I have been thinking about trying to step up the game at TS but I don't feel like working on anything for TS selling when not having fixed the tax paperwork first, and I don't really feel like trying to figure out the tax shit before having enough money to even be bothered to take the time to figure it all out, which I will surely not ever get with the products I have for sale lol.

And the bike has steadily been sold for a while, then since the new TS policies I haven't had a sale at all anymore, not sure but to me it seems like it's a lot harder to even be seen right now let alone sell anything when not being a huge producer/seller on TS.
Not sure how true that is as it might just be that ppl stopped buying crappy models like mine but I think there's some correlation.


read 718 times
9/1/2011 9:49:29 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 9:51:07 PM)
show user profile  Jock
lol it cant have sold that steadily if youve only earned $30.

In 4 years even if that was the only product you sold, youve only sold it ten times. No where near enough to discern any kind of pattern if you ask me. You need far more than 4 models, and youre top price needs to be wayyyy above $3 before you'll start to see any kind of pattern worth anything.
read 700 times
9/1/2011 11:31:32 PM (last edit: 9/1/2011 11:31:32 PM)
show user profile  BLoSk
I earned just over 30$ with turbosquids share deducted already.
Had 21 sales of the bike, and you're right about it probably not being the best way to determine any sales patterns, but it's the only guideline I have. Still it was pretty consistent (about a sale every 1 or 2 months, it's not a lot but still) until those new policies.
And it's not like I need any proof irl to understand that it will affect sales of ppl like me by reading the new rules.


read 690 times
9/2/2011 12:13:58 AM (last edit: 9/2/2011 12:15:05 AM)
show user profile  Jock
Fair enough but i still cant see that with 4 products priced at $3 each you could see any pattern that means anything. I mean things move on, models get better, competition gets added. If youre account lies dormant your sales will diminish from what i understand.

To see any real pattern in my humble opinion you would need a few hundered items across different topics and price ranges. I wouldnt like to guess at patterns myself as i dont have enough products.

read 675 times
9/2/2011 12:34:44 AM (last edit: 9/2/2011 12:35:11 AM)
show user profile  Dave
Surely, with high enough squid-guild levels (or even lower levels too?) you don't need to research into any patterns... as you can just look at what is actually selling, and what people are actually searching for?

Although, admittedly... I have yet to use this information to any advantage.

I've made $1.62 this month! WAHOO

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 671 times
9/2/2011 12:40:08 AM (last edit: 9/2/2011 12:40:08 AM)
show user profile  StevegeK
Great feedback guys!

Okay looking for what people are searching for is a good one. Though it might be "running after the facts".

Jock, you've added a red square around your thumb. Do you think that helped?

My Free Textures!
My Portfolio

My photolog.

read 663 times
9/2/2011 12:47:06 AM (last edit: 9/2/2011 12:47:06 AM)
show user profile  Jock
I dont think a list of say most searched for keywords or most popular categories can compare to your own hard facts about your own products and how much money they make. I've had a good look at the lists and they dont really translate into anything of worth if you ask me.

But if you do want to define patterns in my opinion you can only really do so properly with a large sized library and at half decent prices.

And no steve i dont think it made a blind bit of difference.

read 649 times
9/2/2011 1:25:10 AM (last edit: 9/2/2011 1:25:10 AM)
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