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True polygon count
show user profile  xylo
If I create a simple model and check the polygon info in 3D Studio Max, it will say something like:
Editable Mesh:
Vertices: 110
Faces: 216

But if I convert the same model to an editable poly, it will say:
Editable Poly:
Vertices: 108
Faces: 92

So if somebody asks me how many polygons my model has, what would I tell them and is there a difference between leaving the model and an editable mesh or editable poly? If I am trying to create a low polygon model, should I convert it to an editable poly just so I can claim it has less polygons? Thanks.
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1/19/2009 11:36:17 AM (last edit: 1/19/2009 11:36:17 AM)
show user profile  Dave
The number of vertices should not be changing, you might want to check that.

As for Poly count, A regular poly count will count all the polygons, ie... 4 sided faces. This is typically the lower number and I'm unsure of its use to be honest with you.

I work in games myself and games deal in triangles, most often referred to as a triangle count but when one industry folk asks another industry folk what his poly count is, the answer will be the triangle count.

If you're doing anything for games, you'll be going for the triangle count... but it's okay to call it a poly count.

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1/19/2009 11:42:26 AM (last edit: 1/19/2009 11:42:26 AM)
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