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Transformers Exhibition
show user profile  magius
Hi all, I'm involved in building a transformers exhibition and would like to engage artists to model, animate transformers look alike vehicles.

Due to the rights to use the existing exhibition items are quite costly so some of the exhibits we have to build it ourselves. Thus, to avoid infringing on copyright, we are not using transformers itself, but rather similiar robots that you can create. I would like a quotation for each robot you do and how many you can do. All the robots need to be able to transform from humanoid to vehicle and back. It can be plane, ships etc .... up to you to model... We don't need high detail level like those in the movie.

We will be building a huge version of
prism holographic display, and with a touchscreen by the side of the huge prism, visitors can choose from a series of robot, press the 'transform' button and watch it transform. robot holograms will be human sized. Might even consider using kinect to perform a transformation.

Email me if keen....


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