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Toy Car and Baked Textures
show user profile  cbflex
Ok , first question.
I did my research and I couldn't find any good explanations or even answers for this one, so please don't flame me.
Is there anyway or script or maybe other program entirely that I can make an animated car do what I tell it in real time and then have it draw out the keyframes? Just like a video game...
I don't know how to make the toy car thing in reactor do whatever I want. It only just goes with a mind of its own...

2nd question. While we're on the topic of video games, I was wondering how the hell they're able to make a video game like GTA4 or god of war 3 or fight night or whatever look so damn real, and yet have it render in real time. Someone told me about baked textures, and that they basically render them and use them or whatever. Is there a way to utilize baked textures for lets say a final render in HD? And if I did this, how much faster would my render times get to? If an Xbox360 can render real time photorealism, why can't a high speed computer?
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3/26/2010 8:24:54 AM (last edit: 3/26/2010 8:24:54 AM)
show user profile  donvella
well i have an answer for your first question.

You can download a plugin for max called Madcar. You can then drive around in your max viewport like a game and then track the keyframes. kinda cool.

Heres a tutorial on how to use it, i dont know where you can download it its been a few years since i seen it, just google it.

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3/26/2010 8:29:05 AM (last edit: 3/26/2010 8:29:05 AM)
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