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topogun practice
show user profile  stevey2shoes
I've gone ahead and bought topogun, and am going to practice sculpting and retopologisng

Excuse the repetitive basic question but can anyone point me to good low poly reference material (hands faces etc) so that I can practice getting the topology right.

Are there any other pointers (other than always use 4 sided polys) that I should remember?
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5/28/2013 9:35:33 PM (last edit: 5/28/2013 9:35:33 PM)
show user profile  LionDebt

don't always use 4 sided poly's. Triangles are unavoidable. Learn judgement in where to place and hide them. Same goes for poles (a vertex with 5+ edges coming out of it).

as for topogun:

Alt+RMB, LMB and MMB = pan, orbit, zoom controls.
C = Toggles create mode
E = Toggles edit (select/delete/move) mode.
1, 2, 3 = Toggles selection (of vertices, edges, faces)
Shift + LMB = snaps the vert creation to an edge (ie: inserts a vertex)
Ctrl + LMB = snaps the vert creation to another vert (ie: target weld)

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5/28/2013 10:21:12 PM (last edit: 5/28/2013 10:25:28 PM)
show user profile  stevey2shoes
Thanks for that.... im on it
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5/28/2013 11:15:40 PM (last edit: 5/28/2013 11:15:40 PM)
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