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Things to see near Hythe
show user profile  spoon
Yesterday i have booked a short stay in Hythe (3 nights) to do some sightseeing (canterbury etc ...). Since there are alot of britons here: any tips on what i should definitely visit in that area?

read 590 times
9/17/2012 12:15:05 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 12:15:05 PM)
show user profile  reeves1984
You booked 3 nights without knowing what there is to see? Sounds risky, are you not just motorbiking around? :)

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 578 times
9/17/2012 12:45:27 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 12:45:27 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
France is fairly close.

That's quite nice.

Never been around there, so no idea - got a mate from Canterbury so will ask.

Usual default answer is find a pub with live music and a decent curry house.
read 578 times
9/17/2012 12:45:52 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 12:48:15 PM)
show user profile  reeves1984
Belgium is nice too, why not go there

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 561 times
9/17/2012 1:01:00 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 1:01:00 PM)
show user profile  spoon
Oh dear ... :)

It was kind of an impulsive decision to take a couple of days off and go sightseeing. Of course we'll be checking travel guides etc, but i thought i could perhaps get some useful tips here.

So, judging by the tips to check out belgium and france as nearby places to visit, i can assume england itself is boring? :D

(and no, not a motorcycle trip this time)

read 547 times
9/17/2012 1:33:17 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 1:35:36 PM)
show user profile  reeves1984
For a real answer, I went to into Canterbury cathedral once and it was quite a nice one, but again, you're from Belgium, and in Antwerp they have a nice cathedral and it has loads of huge Rubens panels, not in the same league is it.

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 536 times
9/17/2012 1:38:42 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 1:38:42 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
I think you've picked the most boring place in the UK to visit!

Nothing there!

But, this might give some more ideas:

read 535 times
9/17/2012 1:40:23 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 1:40:23 PM)
show user profile  bonzepeet
I lived in Kent for a while, Canterbury is probably the highlight - lots of good food, weird old pubs, history, nightlife (lots of punk and folk bands round there). If you're a fan of nuclear wastelands and desolation you can take a hilariously tiny steam train from Hythe to Dungeness, which has a nuclear power station, a lighthouse and a good pub sat right in the middle of miles of nothing but pebbles. It's strangely more interesting than it sounds, especially looking at people who live there and manage to grow a garden in that stuff. And the train will give you a view of the marshes on the way. Some good fish and chip shops in Hythe, though.

Dover has a castle and a museum with an animatronic display of anthropomorphic seagulls and crabs fighting in World War 2. Or at least it used to, anyway. Folkestone is small and a bit scary, especially after dark. Both Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells have lots of shops and some museums and can be pretty on a good day. I won't even start on North Kent, although there are some highlights to be had there too (Whitstable - Oysters, booze, weird cinemas, lots of hippies)

To be honest though, it's pretty rural so the countryside round there is what makes it. There's some very picturesque villages between Hythe and Ashford or surrounding Canterbury and Faversham (Woodchurch, which has a rare breeds centre where you can watch pig racing and buy sausages, Biddenden which is home to some incredibly vicious cider). But none are easy to get to without a car and a sturdy GPS or offer much more than an hours entertainment, I guess.

read 527 times
9/17/2012 1:54:14 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 1:55:52 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
> i can assume england itself is boring?

not at all - you're just visiting an obscure corner.

check this out :

we haz world's heaviest onion.

read 526 times
9/17/2012 1:54:47 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 2:05:43 PM)
show user profile  soontekk
as well through
seems like a nice enough place to spend 3 nights (unless it's a haven for lesbian vampires ..)

melting ur brainz!
/ FOS4 / FO2 / Blurb / Twitter / Facebook / Vimeo /

read 491 times
9/17/2012 2:50:16 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 2:50:42 PM)
show user profile  spoon
Damn, i was kinda hoping for lesbian vampires ...

read 474 times
9/17/2012 3:28:00 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 3:28:00 PM)
show user profile  advance-software
electric ballroom, camden town, london. friday nights (I think - haven't been there in ages)

or pretty much anywhere in camden, any night. or day.
read 470 times
9/17/2012 3:45:01 PM (last edit: 9/17/2012 3:46:38 PM)
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