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Thick Smoke Effect
show user profile  tyrannosauRoss

Anybody got a link for a tutorial for a thick smoke effect?
An object behind will be "morphing" behind so needs to hide it, with occasional parts coming out.

If you can picture an anime/cartoon fight scene where limbs appear randomly and the smoke hides the fighting....infact the sims also has this styel....well thats the type of effect Iam aiming for!
read 559 times
3/17/2009 6:02:14 AM (last edit: 3/17/2009 6:02:14 AM)
show user profile  flyboy9999
You could set your house on fire and burn it down
don't forget to get it on tape and voila you have your smoke :-P

ever heard of google?
try searching for "3ds smoke tutorial"
or 3ds smoke partciles

read 543 times
3/17/2009 6:31:36 AM (last edit: 3/17/2009 6:31:36 AM)
show user profile  9krausec
tyrannosauRoss- Don't burn your house down. It actually isn't that good of an idea... : (

Trust me.

- Portfolio-

read 539 times
3/17/2009 6:35:37 AM (last edit: 3/17/2009 6:35:37 AM)
show user profile  Dejitarujin
Thick like in the cartoons? I don't think that even qualifies as a smoke effect anymore - though, Afterburn does have a cartoon shader.

I really think you're looking for something more along the lines of a sphere with an animated noise modifier applied, and some kind of appropriate material.
Specialty: Non-organic modelling and effects.
Setup: 3D Studio 2010 with finalRender.
Rig: No, no I can't.
read 499 times
3/17/2009 2:39:09 PM (last edit: 3/17/2009 2:39:09 PM)
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