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texture from materials!!!!!HELP
show user profile  matrox1000
Hello guys, I'm stumbling for some time in a very simple problem from the conceptual point of view, but amazingly I can not find a solution! I model a bit 'complex, and I applied the colors to the faces by giving them simple pastel-colored materials. The result is fine with me: remember the cartoon. But now I would like to convert this model in MD2 format. Md2 format ignores, however, and admits only the colors (a) texture. So my problem is finding a way to project the mesh, colored, on a UV map .. a kind of automatic generation of texture from the materials. Now, assuming of course that texturizzarlo 'by hand' would be too complex 'I tried Render To Texture which is inter alia an unwrap / UV unfolding nn automatic, but it seems to me that it works much or maybe I was not able to get it working, I do not know there is ... a good way to get what I want?. Wow, I feel something so trivial that I would expect to find in 5 minutes all modelers of this world: '- (
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7/3/2012 6:13:19 PM (last edit: 7/3/2012 6:13:19 PM)
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