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texture controlled eyes
show user profile  aniworld
Hi im creating a cartoon character, i will be using the uv gizmo to control his eye (look at) but any ideas how i will create a blink?

I'm thinking of switching the uv on command some how but im not sure how i might be able to do this?
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8/31/2012 12:48:05 PM (last edit: 8/31/2012 12:48:05 PM)
show user profile  jareu
maybe two lots of uv coordinates for each eye, then use a mix map for the eyelid textures with one lid mapped to the uv cooridnates?

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8/31/2012 1:07:43 PM (last edit: 8/31/2012 1:10:11 PM)
show user profile  ScotlandDave
Basically yeah layer an eyelid map on top ( using composite / mix / whatever max uses ) for example in the diffuse slot, but uvmap it on a different channel from the eye itself ( for example add another uvmap modifier then select channel 2 and in ur map make sure it`s set to channel 2 ).. That way you`re able to control the uvw coords of different maps/textures within the same material..

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8/31/2012 1:35:46 PM (last edit: 8/31/2012 1:36:33 PM)
show user profile  aniworld
Thats it!
I knew it could be done somehow, i had seen this sort of thing being done before but couldn't get my head around how?

cheers guys!!
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8/31/2012 1:41:45 PM (last edit: 8/31/2012 1:41:45 PM)
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