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Substance Painter - Performance Problems
show user profile  S. Silard
Hey guys not sure how many of you use Substance Painter, but I hope to get some help.
So I thought I start to texture something more complex, it's a one big mesh.
When I make it with a convinient one texture set , the viewport is moving fast, the software responding fast , but when I try to paint it drops to a few FPS. No matter if the texture is 1K or 4K.

Tried it with low poly mesh, and if I happen to zoom in, so parts of my objects exceeds the viewport camera's field of view, it happens.

So yeah, I thought I'll need more texture sets than.

And it worked, the painting is okay, but the viewport is problematic, I have to hide every other texture sets but the one I'm working with, otherwise I get some very annoying blinking glitches. Later on the whole program lags, until it collapses after every single movement I make. So yeah, lost a few hours of work today, it's a bit frustrating.

The glitching is happening by the way with low poly objects as well. How can I get rid of this? What am I missing?

Or, is Substance Painter made only for game art?
Or it's just simply not really ready yet? - Than I wonder why it's substance painter 2 and not alpha, beta, gamma or something?

I have
16 GB of Ram
ASUS HD 6770 (2GB of vRam)
AMD FX 8350 (8 Core, 4.34 GHz)
Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit

read 850 times
4/29/2016 1:27:07 AM (last edit: 4/29/2016 1:27:07 AM)
show user profile  3Ddeath
I haven't used substance nearly enough to give you a solid answer but so far I used it on a laptop and my home pc with no performance issues on even pretty high rez models.

1 object had two texture sets, and the rest was just the basic 1 texture deal.

I imagine graphics card being super important for substance considering it feels very game engine based, my home pc is a geforce 660Ti and the laptop is a 960M, not sue the ATI equvilent or how it works with ATI cards in general?

Portfolio Site
read 826 times
4/29/2016 10:33:22 PM (last edit: 4/29/2016 10:33:22 PM)
show user profile  S. Silard
Yeah, I'm suspicious about that part as well. The problem might be the ATI part, it uses iRay for rendering, which is in the NVidia side of things.... not sure.

Well my graphics card is a bit old. And I might be willing to upgrade, IF that's the problem. At least I could play some newer games as well.

By the way, both of your graphics card is better than mine it seems.

Not sure yet. But if it makes me more productive, it's worth it...
read 821 times
4/29/2016 11:41:29 PM (last edit: 4/29/2016 11:41:29 PM)
show user profile  3Ddeath
Ok, ya just keep collecting more information! to figure out what is going on with it.

So my parts weren't actually that high poly, so far between 10,000 polys to 40,000, and messing with that at 2k texture size usually, sometimes at 4k but it starts to slow down a bit when at 4k however still very reasonable performance.

Also got 16gb Ram, and only 4 core i5 that's a bit old now.

Portfolio Site
read 815 times
4/30/2016 3:23:42 AM (last edit: 4/30/2016 3:24:34 AM)
show user profile  S. Silard
Well, what I've textured is a lot higher than that.
Anyways, my trial period has expired. But I liked it so much, I bought it anyway.
read 768 times
5/6/2016 4:32:23 PM (last edit: 5/6/2016 4:32:23 PM)
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