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Studio Max 5 :: Coloured Shadows?
show user profile  mr_pablo
Hi folks,

I'm working on a render that has a whiskey bottle (full of whiskey!) in the scene.

I would like to get it looking semi-realistic and as such, need to find out how to make the shadows tinted (the whiskey in the bottle should be tinting the shadows a whiskey colour i believe)

The manual says that the Filter colour should do this, but i cannot seem to get that to work, plus its only available on standard materials when I prefer to use the Raytrace materials.

The material I am using has black diffuse and a tinted transparency colour. A light in the scene has advanced ray traced shadows enabled, with the transparent shadows option enabled. However, my shadows are still colourless.

Anyone out there know how to setup lights and materials for what I want?

Thanks in advance!

Software Developer / Photographer
read 486 times
4/14/2008 9:22:06 AM (last edit: 4/14/2008 9:22:06 AM)
show user profile  Westcoast13
I think you will need to use caustics on the bottle and whiskey.

My Turbosquid Area

read 485 times
4/14/2008 9:26:04 AM (last edit: 4/14/2008 9:26:04 AM)
show user profile  mr_pablo
Studio Max 5 doesn't have Mental Ray or any kind of Caustic support, it has to be faked, which is what I'm asking for.


Software Developer / Photographer
read 479 times
4/14/2008 9:31:08 AM (last edit: 4/14/2008 9:31:08 AM)
show user profile  VKotek
change the color of the shadow (under light settings), cheap way but it works from a semi distant position
Vojtech Kotek

read 476 times
4/14/2008 9:32:36 AM (last edit: 4/14/2008 9:33:03 AM)
show user profile  Westcoast13
Sorry mate, i missed the bit about max 5!


My Turbosquid Area

read 471 times
4/14/2008 9:35:28 AM (last edit: 4/14/2008 9:35:28 AM)
show user profile  mr_pablo
Westcoast - no worries

VKotek - This was a consideration, how ever i would need to use lots of lights, and when I tried having two lights (one for the glass which was white, one for the liquid which was a dark yellow) I couldn't get the look correct at all!

Back to the drawing board I guess!

Software Developer / Photographer
read 466 times
4/14/2008 9:39:57 AM (last edit: 4/14/2008 9:39:57 AM)
show user profile  dd
first thought, could you try a weak light (the same colour or there aboots as the whiskey) and place that so it illuminates the surface under the glass/bottle. use fall off and exclude etc

just an initial thought

read 437 times
4/14/2008 10:45:44 AM (last edit: 4/14/2008 10:45:44 AM)
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