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Strange "multiple gizmo/axis/widget" problem
show user profile  ShurikenUK
Hi, I've just been making some simple futuristic building models recently. All of them have gone smoothly since I've not really been treading into any seriously unknown ground. Right now I have 11, and I'm planning to eventually make around 20 or more unique buildings to make a small city in a game engine called UDK. However, right now I'm working on building 11, and I've just noticed a really weird, progress halting problem. I dont think its a bug, I must have accidentally toggled some strange feature at some point without realising, and now I have no idea how to get it back to normal. Whats happening, is that at each corner of my building (which has 4 corners), there is a little "axis", or greyed out "gizmo" or whatever. They're all aligned at the same height. Now, whenever I select this model (or any of the other 3 models in the scene) to move or scale it, the gizmo that model uses is one of those four gizmo's at each corner of the 1st model. What makes this very annoying, is that all the other models seem to "adopt" the gizmos of THIS model, and they aren't close to eachother, which makes it VERY fiddly and frustrating.

This picture shows part of the model, and where the 3 extra gizmo's have appeared, moving the original gizmo to one of the corner edges of the model.

Anther thing, is that I when select the model outside of a subobject level, one of the 4 greyed out gizmos becomes active, depending on where my cursor was when I selected the object. I can also select each of the 4 greyed gizmos individually, even though they all control the same, one object. Its also preventing me from using the "connect" tool between any edges on the model, meaning I cant add windows and stuff anymore (like on the ground floor in the picture).

This really makes no sense and I've had to give up on this model for now, just when I was starting to add detail, but I've tried to make this post as descriptive as I can, so hopefully its easy for you guys to get a picture of what I've done, and how to UNdo it!

Thanks in advance

Edit: Okay, the problem has now weeded its way into ALL of my previous projects, and anything else I make now. So basically I cant use 3DS Max anymore because of bloody irritating feature that isn't making itself clear enough to disable!!!! WTF!?

I just checked in preferences and a feature called "Allow multiple gizmos" is disabled. Well are these not 4 gizmos in both of the pictures? Or 4 axis compasses that become gizmos when you click them?

UPDATE: Well, I never actually figured out what I activated to mess things up, but I found out how to revert the UI scheme to default, and it fixed the problem. Still though, I'd be really interested in finding out what was going on, for future reference.

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11/6/2011 4:30:50 AM (last edit: 11/6/2011 9:05:34 AM)
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