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Strange lighting behaviour with MR + Skyportals
show user profile  mr_pablo
Ok, so here is what my scene consists of:

+ flat plane with an MR matte/shadow/reflection material, set for shadows only
+ a few small objects on said plane
+ 4 MR Skyportals with the MR blackbody map (3600 temp, 2 multiplier) set to visible, positioned above the objects and plane
+ MR photographic exposure control
+ 1 target camera

I have FG turned on.

When I render, I get nice shadows on my plane, but the top portion of my objects is much darker then it should be. Its as if the light is bouncing up off the plane to illuminate the undersides of the objects, but ignoring the tops.

Any ideas why this is happening? surely the top portion should be lighter then the underneath?

p.s. I'm really struggling to get these lights working properly. I made a sphere, gave it a standard material with white diffuse. It will only ever appear any other color then white when I render. It looks dirty brownish atm :( My exposure settings are based on settings used by the camera I took a backplate photo with. any ideas how to make my white object look white? I am using real world scales too.

Software Developer / Photographer
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8/28/2009 4:58:18 AM (last edit: 8/28/2009 5:08:16 AM)
show user profile  mr_pablo
Small update - using a template file, I have managed to get my objects to look the color they should be. BUT my MR matte plane is now showing up with a blue tint. It does have a mapped image on it to blend in with the backplate.

Is there anyway to stop it being effected by the exposure controls? :S

Software Developer / Photographer
read 322 times
8/28/2009 5:36:18 AM (last edit: 8/28/2009 5:36:18 AM)
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