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Steve Jobs has passed on.
show user profile  horizon
I hate Apple and their way of doing things and their products. This didn't affect me at all

That said, what the hell is wrong with people today, telling people that feel sad for ANYONE'S death how they should really feel?
I see it all around facebook and the internet. "How can you call him a visionary? How can you feel sad for the guy that did this and that, but didn't do this and that?"
Is there a mainstream and underground in being sad about death now? A right and wrong?

What strikes me the most odd, is I heard quite a few people saying. "Yeah, now they all cry for Jobs, but when XY died, they couldn't care less". XY was anything from a nobel prize winner to some small time director of some unimportant little movie they seem glorious.
What kind of attitude is that? Someone doesn't care for the same things as you do so they are idiots?

Exactly the same thing happened with Michael Jackson. I don't like him either. But let the people be fucking sad about what THEY want to be sad about, not YOU.

/end rant

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10/8/2011 4:52:04 AM (last edit: 10/8/2011 4:55:13 AM)
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