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Standard Material - Self Illumination Map - Weirdness ?
show user profile  advance-software

If I put a bitmap in the self illumination channel & tick the checkbox next to "color" it works as expected. When the checkbox is unchecked the map acts as a diffuse map. WTF ?

Surely diffuse maps should go in the diffuse channel.

Testing on max6 maybe this has been fixed in later releases ...
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9/5/2011 10:55:46 AM (last edit: 9/5/2011 11:03:23 AM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
It's the same on all Max versions up to 2012.

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9/5/2011 11:22:11 AM (last edit: 9/5/2011 11:22:11 AM)
show user profile  advance-software
Thanks Nik. Unless you guys don't think this is a bug, I'll file it with Autodesk.

Would changing this to act as expected break anything important ?
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9/5/2011 11:27:41 AM (last edit: 9/5/2011 11:34:56 AM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Well, having just played with it and read the help file, I'm not sure what the logic is of how it works. It doesn't seem to react the way I'd want.

It would be interesting to hear from Autodesk about how it functions, and if it is buggy, to fix it!

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9/5/2011 11:37:13 AM (last edit: 9/5/2011 11:37:13 AM)
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