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Sprites or .psd?
show user profile  Wolfvond
Hey guy,
So I was watching Mojam ( and was watching Wolfire Aubrey's livestream. They were drawing pixel art in photoshop and then somehow took the psd file over to 3ds Max. They then sliced and skewed and rotated the different pics and put them together to make a 3D pixel model thing.

It looked amazing and I was wondering if anyone knew how to do it? I'de like to learn.

Here is video.
25 minutes in is when he switches to 3ds Max (or some autodesk program)

He was moving too fast for me copy him and I have no idea what it would be called to search for tutorial.

read 288 times
2/19/2012 7:27:43 AM (last edit: 2/19/2012 7:43:49 AM)
show user profile  kiko
He was using the e-poly's Slice tool to cut a plane mapped with thats psd file into multiple polys that madre that machinery up.

Hope it helps,

-- David --
read 278 times
2/19/2012 7:53:47 AM (last edit: 2/19/2012 7:53:47 AM)
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