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Splitting an Octogon into Triangles
show user profile  CausticLasagne
Hi everyone!
I'm new to Maxforums.

I've been experimenting in 3DS Max and I want to split an octagon into 8 triangles.
I've tried various methods and scoured the internet for this, but I've been unable to find a solution.

Currently I have a 2D plane with 3 Vertices on each side, and then I've trimmed the 3 vertices in each corner to produce an Octagon.

My Issue now is that I need it split into triangles of equal size, or alternatively, create a triangle that can be rotated 8 times to form an octagon.

Probably worth mentioning that I'm using 3DS Max 2015.

- CausticLasagne
read 331 times
8/22/2016 12:57:40 PM (last edit: 8/22/2016 1:00:06 PM)
show user profile  FX
Use a cylinder with 8 sides, the tops already triangulated.
read 327 times
8/22/2016 1:15:49 PM (last edit: 8/22/2016 1:15:49 PM)
show user profile  CausticLasagne
Thanks. Argh! It was so simple!
read 291 times
8/23/2016 3:49:13 PM (last edit: 8/23/2016 3:49:13 PM)
show user profile  FX
No worries, another way would be make a spline circle, drop the interpolation to 2, convert to poly, inset the face and collapse.

There's usually a few ways of achieving the same result in Max.
read 283 times
8/23/2016 4:02:53 PM (last edit: 8/23/2016 4:02:53 PM)
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