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Some very important things to me... Please read.
show user profile  Bolteon
Alrighty people... most of you know me here for my 3D work and drunken shenanigans (the latter now being a former), but there's a bunch of things I have my hands in. Recently the blog has been made public and now it's time to make another part of my life open to the world:


First one is Keep it Made: in America… ™, a branding initiative to keep American designed products American made.

Secondly, is my first public jump into product design and manufacturing... Support my Kickstarter project!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure how the Kickstarter project is going to turn out but I'm trying so regardless of what happens, I gave it a shot with that idea.

Cheers all.

-Marko Mandaric

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12/2/2011 2:08:46 AM (last edit: 12/5/2011 6:00:01 AM)
show user profile  horizon
Not sure what the phone case is really about, but will keep an eye on it. Why don't you make some animations showing how it works.
Mainly interested in how kickstart works etc...

Perhaps I'll get that Awesome shirt :P

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12/2/2011 2:35:04 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 2:36:09 AM)
show user profile  Kajico
Considering how expensive getting molds made here in the US is and pretty pricey production costs, have you found a good inexpensive pvc or rubber molding company in the US?

I'm a fan of figures and have wanted to go beyond just getting them 3D printed and was wondering if there's some good cheap makers here in the U.S.

(\/) (°,,,°) (\/) Woop woop woop!

read 1031 times
12/2/2011 2:36:24 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 2:36:24 AM)
show user profile  jareu
product design an manufacturing sounds like an awesome venture! Best of luck, keep us updated.

He who says it cannot be done is interrupting the man doing it.

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12/2/2011 2:42:34 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 2:42:34 AM)
show user profile  Bolteon
the mold's about 10k or so... not too crazy but certain more than i have lying around at this point.

@ horizon, the two just connect. you pop it on and pop it off with ease; the selling point is that the case isn't much any different from any other case yet lets you attach it to the arm band with ease.

-Marko Mandaric

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12/2/2011 4:40:58 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 4:40:58 AM)
show user profile  Kajico
Considering I can get a mold in china or korea for about 800 USD I'd say you've got a noble effort going. It's sad that many business in the U.S. can't compete with the sweat shops abroad. Hope they sell well.

(\/) (°,,,°) (\/) Woop woop woop!

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12/2/2011 7:36:05 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 7:36:05 AM)
show user profile  Bolteon
truth be told, i could probably get it cheaper. it's amazing how much people will work on a number once they realize how much cheaper it could be done outside the US.

got some links to those mold makers? could be useful to get a quote from them and use as pricing leverage here.

especially for physical work where talent isn't part of the equation.

-Marko Mandaric

read 992 times
12/2/2011 8:04:43 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 8:05:54 AM)
show user profile  spoon
>it's amazing how much people will work on a number once they realize
>how much cheaper it could be done outside the US.

Isn't your brandname going to nullify that leverage?

"Oh ... he's not going to abroad anyway"

read 987 times
12/2/2011 8:32:26 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 8:32:26 AM)
show user profile  beezy
Keep it made: in America for the most part

One question, could you go jogging with one of these?

read 978 times
12/2/2011 8:50:55 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 8:57:18 AM)
show user profile  vladdddd
i rly apreciate the initiative but isn`t there allready an arm holster for iphone out there?

read 958 times
12/2/2011 9:54:21 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 9:54:37 AM)
show user profile  Bolteon
there's a million of them out there; but most of which are bulky; or can't be used as regular cases.

and yes, the idea is that there's enough magnetic pull on this thing along with a smart rubber to rubber contact that you can go fully jogging and it wont go anywhere.

think of the same binding force between a macbook and it's magsafe charge port. good example of the end goal.

-Marko Mandaric

read 947 times
12/2/2011 11:18:53 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 12:41:25 PM)
show user profile  Kajico
Here's a good directory listing.

Sadly I don't have any off hand recommendations, talked to one through a friend of mine and I don't recall the company. This was a few years ago and I haven't tried since.

(\/) (°,,,°) (\/) Woop woop woop!

read 942 times
12/2/2011 11:27:39 AM (last edit: 12/2/2011 11:27:39 AM)
show user profile  Bolteon
thank god i know this 3d shit, i'd be so fucked otherwise in trying to get across the idea of this thing.

more soon.

-Marko Mandaric

read 933 times
12/2/2011 12:41:05 PM (last edit: 12/2/2011 12:41:05 PM)
show user profile  Davious
Really liked the presentation video you did for kickstarter. Having worked a little in plastic molding injection work, I know how expencive it can be to get a production mold up and running. Best of luck with the project. Felt kinda weird to hear your voice after all these years :)

" Difficult, yes. Impossible , no..."
read 921 times
12/2/2011 1:02:01 PM (last edit: 12/2/2011 1:02:01 PM)
show user profile  reeves1984
I admire anyone who's trying to get shit done for themselves, good man.

Simon Reeves - VFX Artist & Blog
twitter <-- I work here

read 914 times
12/2/2011 1:16:40 PM (last edit: 12/2/2011 1:16:40 PM)
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