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Some Action
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
I decided to make somekind of actiony tune:

NEWS 2009-01-22: Another update has been uploaded. I have reworked the melodies a little and tweaked most of the strings. The link and the quicktime player have been updated.

Old News:
NEW 2009-01-20: I have now majorly updated the tune

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1/18/2009 4:47:39 PM (last edit: 1/21/2009 5:39:00 PM)
show user profile  markoid
Dude, where the fek have you been? ;)
I really like this.. it's got some good dynamics which i think the other one one the board was lacking.
Good stuff!
You got a new guitar a while, so ..... we want guitar dammit!!!

I got inspired recently and fired up Cubase, but 3.7 don't work with XP :/
Gonna get studio 4 and and get on completely doowwn :o)

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1/18/2009 11:43:42 PM (last edit: 1/18/2009 11:43:42 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Fredtacularistic, reminded me of a tune in Final Fantasy 7 a lot. Good stuff.

"I flew over Egypt once"

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1/19/2009 3:37:57 AM (last edit: 1/19/2009 3:37:57 AM)
show user profile  inxa
That's a nice one.
I wonder if we had a video of an army marching :)

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1/19/2009 7:05:18 AM (last edit: 1/19/2009 7:05:18 AM)
show user profile  Davious
great stuff, sounds very professional. Keep it up.

" Difficult, yes. Impossible , no..."
read 1069 times
1/19/2009 7:57:31 AM (last edit: 1/19/2009 7:57:31 AM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Thanks guys!
I will continue working on this tune righ at this exact moment!
Please, if you haven't already, listen to the updated glitch-free version. I updated the player and the link in my first post :)

markoid: Go for it man!

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read 1036 times
1/19/2009 12:57:35 PM (last edit: 1/19/2009 12:57:35 PM)
show user profile  Mad-Dog-Bomber
very enjoyable :D more dam u MORE!

read 1028 times
1/19/2009 1:42:50 PM (last edit: 1/19/2009 1:42:50 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
MDB: Sure thing! Check out the latest update at the top of the page :D

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1/19/2009 5:17:07 PM (last edit: 1/19/2009 5:17:07 PM)
show user profile  Setherial
great man.

As many of your tunes this one brought back memories of my SNES days. good memories!
read 979 times
1/20/2009 1:14:22 AM (last edit: 1/20/2009 1:14:22 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
This is pretty darn good muiscality Sir Manalot! good work, enjoyed that one :)

read 950 times
1/20/2009 12:33:09 PM (last edit: 1/20/2009 12:33:09 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
That is really quite good. At least as good as anything on TV, and approaching movie quality.


read 946 times
1/20/2009 12:37:51 PM (last edit: 1/20/2009 12:37:51 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Snes, eh?

Grotester: Thanks, buddy! I'm glad you like it :D

Nik: Woah, thanks. I still have lots to learn and shit. But hopefully i'll make more progress as i go along.

Speaking of progress. The tune has been updated yet again! Check the main post!
All of you! Now!

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1/21/2009 5:41:25 PM (last edit: 1/21/2009 5:41:25 PM)
show user profile  Garp
Excellent, Mr Manfred Sir! I'm with Dave on this one. I can definitely picture some kickass opening sequence for the next FF issue.
One crit though, or rather a request. You could give some boost for a few measures at the end, to recall the mood of the opening and add some drama. Right now it's just... fading, if you get my meaning.
Very good work, man :D

read 880 times
1/21/2009 6:18:07 PM (last edit: 1/21/2009 6:18:21 PM)
show user profile  Setherial
love the last update man!! great work
read 827 times
1/23/2009 3:53:31 AM (last edit: 1/23/2009 3:53:31 AM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
No More Updates.
Harddrive Crash.

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read 668 times
2/22/2009 1:37:59 PM (last edit: 2/22/2009 1:37:59 PM)
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