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Solidworks - Max
show user profile  Shelty1
Hi Everyone.

Like many of you im sure i use Solidworks for my modeling and 3dsmax for rendering. My problem lies in assigning materials to my imported models.

Up till now i have gone through the laborious process in solidworks of slicing anything that needs to be another material into a seperate part so that when its imported its easy to select and assign materials to.

I was wondering if it was possible to assign multiple materials to single imported bodies/surfaces? Or perhaps divide up a surface from within max?

E.g. i make a model of a tea cup in SW all as one part then import it into max. I want the internal surface of the tea cup to be white but the outside to be blue. Is it possible to do this from within max?

Im very much a max novice as you might expect, only really using it for rendering so it might be something really basic im missing.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


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2/4/2009 9:10:01 AM (last edit: 2/4/2009 9:10:01 AM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
Convert the model to an editable poly (right click-->convert to-->editable poly, then...

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2/4/2009 9:34:31 AM (last edit: 2/4/2009 9:34:31 AM)
show user profile  Shelty1
Perfect, exactly what i needed.

Thank you very much!
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2/4/2009 3:12:17 PM (last edit: 2/4/2009 3:12:17 PM)
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