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Solar eruptions with electric shader...
show user profile  HANZZ

Tiling anomaly at the bottom, sadly. Looking for a way around it.

 photo MorgothArisenSig_zpsup4yjp7o.jpg

read 571 times
5/11/2016 6:09:29 AM (last edit: 5/11/2016 6:11:06 AM)
show user profile  digs
fyi, you can post the embed code from youbook super easy

really cool, man. looks good
read 561 times
5/11/2016 7:27:36 AM (last edit: 5/11/2016 7:27:36 AM)
show user profile  Error404
That's rad! :) I like seeing fun stuff like that. -

read 557 times
5/11/2016 7:55:27 AM (last edit: 5/11/2016 7:55:27 AM)
show user profile  Nanne
Cool effect! :)

Kristoffer Helander
  :: Works ::   |  :: Resumé ::   |  :: Contact ::   |  :: CG Blog ::   |  :: Links ::     
read 549 times
5/11/2016 8:40:08 AM (last edit: 5/11/2016 8:40:08 AM)
show user profile  HANZZ
Thanks peeps! The big ones turned out nice. Figured out a way to fix the seam at the bottom. I'll extend the polys in both directions, and give a 3rd mask to 'fuzz out' the seam.

 photo MorgothArisenSig_zpsup4yjp7o.jpg

read 546 times
5/11/2016 9:05:06 AM (last edit: 5/11/2016 9:05:06 AM)
show user profile  herfst1
Nice work. Did you use any special plugins or is this vanilla max?
read 533 times
5/11/2016 12:48:30 PM (last edit: 5/11/2016 12:48:30 PM)
show user profile  ijzerman
Looks really nice :)
Did you model the flames shooting out or is this all the work of the blur shader you mentioned in your previous post?

Pushing buttons since "86
read 527 times
5/11/2016 1:08:11 PM (last edit: 5/11/2016 1:08:11 PM)
show user profile  Sir_Manfred
Same question as herfst1.

Visit my Portfolio

read 512 times
5/11/2016 2:55:15 PM (last edit: 5/11/2016 2:55:15 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
reminds me of a portion of Deconstructing the Elements in 3ds Max

Worth a look if you haven't already. One of the first books I got for 3ds. Nice work.

- Portfolio-

read 510 times
5/11/2016 3:03:28 PM (last edit: 5/11/2016 3:03:28 PM)
show user profile  HANZZ
This is all zero plugins, and added only Blur Studios' 'Electric' shader. It's a pretty nice shader actually.
There are no individual models for flames. There's a single ring(for each size of eruption, small, medium, large) with the offsetting/animating electric shader, and that's it. Texture animation and perturbation settings were eventually found (along with phase settings) that arrived at a decent facsimile of solar eruptions.

 photo MorgothArisenSig_zpsup4yjp7o.jpg

read 506 times
5/11/2016 5:19:17 PM (last edit: 5/11/2016 9:07:16 PM)
show user profile  3Ddeath
that is super awesome! :)

Portfolio Site
read 492 times
5/11/2016 6:59:50 PM (last edit: 5/11/2016 6:59:50 PM)
show user profile  HANZZ
Here's an updated render...
640x480 and the tiling anomalies are fixed...

 photo MorgothArisenSig_zpsup4yjp7o.jpg

read 490 times
5/11/2016 7:14:30 PM (last edit: 5/11/2016 7:14:30 PM)
show user profile  LionDebt

Also, cool :)

How long did it take to render the latest clip? And a rough eyeballing of your rig specs?
read 478 times
5/11/2016 10:05:21 PM (last edit: 5/11/2016 10:08:30 PM)
show user profile  Nik Clark
Damn. That's nice.

read 475 times
5/11/2016 10:06:50 PM (last edit: 5/11/2016 10:06:50 PM)
show user profile  HANZZ
About to post a close-up of the flare in 640x480.
I'd like to do a whole the star, dive down through it to the core, see it begin to collapse, zoom back out, show the nova and the blast wave destroying a few planets, etc. Would take a while.

Here it is. Still thinking about the whole shmear I mentioned above....we'll see.

 photo MorgothArisenSig_zpsup4yjp7o.jpg

read 468 times
5/12/2016 12:22:56 AM (last edit: 5/12/2016 12:38:33 AM)
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