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SO HAPPY got eos 5D
show user profile  StevegeK
WOW people long time no post but I'm in my most happiest mood because..

SO Much happend last few months but some really important stuff on a creative base:

I bought the Canon EOS 5D.. that's 12.8 MP WHOOOHOOOO!
And instead of buying some cheap EF lenses I bought along with it:
Sigma EX 17-35 fisheye lens (OH MAN!!)
Canon 28-135 mm lens.

I still had my Sigma 70-300 lens and well the 5D with these 3 babys is just.. AMAZING.

Here 3 pics I took tonight with the fisheye....

All on iso 1600 btw. The iso at the 5D is amazing..! *compared to 350D/rebelXT)

And for the rest: back from London... live in Almere again (close to Amsterdam) And I want to Kyiv, Ukraine.... and that was brilliant.

My ex broke up after 4.5 years but hey.... allmost got a new gf tho... Life's treating me GOOD.

Just had to drop this somewhere and I figured this *still* kinda is the place I guess.

Comments on the pics are welcome eventhough they're testshots... I mean.... new lens... new camera. Sheez! :D :D :D


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read 1453 times
4/20/2008 5:49:51 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 5:49:51 PM)
show user profile  horizon
Wow congrats on all that man, beware of trucks and similar large things that can kill you unsuspectingly to make you pay and return the balance to the universe :P

read 1446 times
4/20/2008 5:56:00 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 5:56:00 PM)
show user profile  Loud
Toys! Looks like a lot of fun.

read 1427 times
4/20/2008 9:22:50 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 9:22:50 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Pictures are looking suhweeeet, though the rollerblades detract from the coolness. Get some skateboarding action with that lense, and i'll tatoo your name on my chest.

"I flew over Egypt once"

read 1411 times
4/20/2008 10:43:30 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 11:07:11 PM)
show user profile  Error404
right on :-) 5d seems to be quite a nice camera! I'm thinking about trading my big 1 body for a 5d, so I can reduce my digital weight when I take the 8x10 camera hiking! 5d would still give me a nice wide angle with my favorite 28mm :-D -

read 1406 times
4/20/2008 11:05:33 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 11:30:02 PM)
show user profile  $$T-bone$$
obviously...getting rid of woman = more money.
enjoy man, looks like fun.

read 1395 times
4/20/2008 11:32:39 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 11:32:39 PM)
show user profile  Error404
so true you are.... I'm collecting my toys now while I'm single :-D ;-) -

read 1390 times
4/20/2008 11:46:42 PM (last edit: 4/20/2008 11:46:42 PM)
show user profile  StevegeK
Haha! Skateboarding pics? Man I got 2 decks myself! And the plan was to do skateboarding pics yesterday but I was reallllly late due to the purchase of the 2 lenses... so expect some skate action soon on the wooden pieces of wood =)

The 5D is absolutely LOVELY. Seriously everything is better than the 350D and my old 350D is now a toy compared to my 5D.

Also got a shitload of filters and stuff, polarization bla bla gotta try that.
Ah well gotta run, ING awaites (A)

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read 1372 times
4/21/2008 1:05:08 AM (last edit: 4/21/2008 1:05:08 AM)
show user profile  Setherial
nice toy dude, keep posting those shots !!
read 1358 times
4/21/2008 1:55:00 AM (last edit: 4/21/2008 1:55:00 AM)
show user profile  StevegeK
Will do, funny thing is I didn't edit them... I only resized them and added the border :D

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My photolog.

read 1346 times
4/21/2008 2:53:51 AM (last edit: 4/21/2008 2:53:51 AM)
show user profile  soontekk
nice pix steve,
i like the first one best, then the guy who fell on his head (:)) but the second one..
the second one is like.. i mean,.. ghetto gansta rollerblading ? hehe, thats so ghei man :D

melting ur brainz!
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read 1335 times
4/21/2008 4:10:50 AM (last edit: 4/21/2008 4:10:50 AM)
show user profile  zandernice
nice! Those are dope!

read 1325 times
4/21/2008 5:04:37 AM (last edit: 4/21/2008 5:04:37 AM)
show user profile  Bobbyboy
Yep, I know just how much fun it is to get a new camera :D
when I got my last one, it was a toss up between it and the 5d, but I went with the oly cos of the lenses i already had.
Still the 5d is an absolutely amazing camera, especially image quality wise! I'm sure you'll enjoy it heaps man. Hope to see a lot of new pics from you as you haven't been around much for a while

I like the last and first pics as well, really great and imaginative use of the fish eye :)
Theres pretty strong vignetting around the corners though in those pics, works well for these, but make sure to keep it in mind when shooting.

good luck man :)

read 1297 times
4/21/2008 8:59:11 AM (last edit: 4/21/2008 8:59:11 AM)
show user profile  StevegeK
Hehe the gangsterguy is a niceguy tho. He's actually doing a course on an art-uni in Amsterdam haha! Seriously you would never expect that! :P

Zandernice: thanks =)

For what cam did you go since you speak about "it" and seem to leave the name away..! :P

The vignetting is really strong but that's also because I put contrast on max in the image setup. When you put that on least the vignetting is really low.

I also had some filters included, played with those last night and it's fun! :D

My Free Textures!
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My photolog.

read 1251 times
4/22/2008 4:33:09 AM (last edit: 4/22/2008 4:33:09 AM)
show user profile  Vaiestro
Dang man the pics look slick! I wish I could afford a full 35mm sensor Canon!

Q: How did you create such a high contrast on the wood beams on the ground? I really like it.
read 1243 times
4/22/2008 4:44:29 AM (last edit: 4/22/2008 4:45:57 AM)
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