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short animation background and averall look development progress
show user profile  ravihara
hey guys,
i being busy with developing the background and optimizing it. i originally thought of having some ruined arcs and pillars too. but now i'm thinking that if i add those, will it be a distraction for the main events happening in the foreground; for it will interrupt the contrast between the sky and the foreground characters. anyway, i need some ideas. what do you think? is it enough with the background, or do it need some more details?

PS: if you are not following my threads on this animation, here are:

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8/8/2012 3:31:34 PM (last edit: 8/8/2012 3:39:44 PM)
show user profile  herfst1
That's a very pretty background but I feel the foreground is too flat. If you want to keep it flat maybe add a stone floor that's partially covered by sand.
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8/8/2012 3:48:08 PM (last edit: 8/8/2012 3:48:08 PM)
show user profile  Dave
Have you considered using some depth of field? This should allow you to add interesting elements into the backdrop and still keep the focus on the action up front. It should also eliminate the "overly CG" of your background.

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8/8/2012 3:48:09 PM (last edit: 8/8/2012 3:48:09 PM)
show user profile  S. Silard
I think , you should work a little bit more on textures , some part's are little bit too lowres . But , maybe when it's in movement it's not visible .

P.S.: Did you made the hair with hair&fur ?

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8/8/2012 3:48:50 PM (last edit: 8/8/2012 3:48:50 PM)
show user profile  ravihara
@ S. Silard : yep. its default hair and fur in max. and yes, i had to be a miser with the texture resolution a little. and again yes, :) for the reason they are fast moving and to save my rendering time within the margin of 2 min (currently its 1.45~min per frame)..

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8/8/2012 4:09:55 PM (last edit: 8/8/2012 4:10:52 PM)
show user profile  ravihara
@ Dave : thanks a lot for the tip mate. yep. have to add that pass over this. and motion blur pass too. i have them rendered for the foreground sequence, but not for the background yet. that is why its not included in this rendering.

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8/8/2012 4:10:24 PM (last edit: 8/8/2012 4:10:24 PM)
show user profile  ravihara
@ herfst1 : awesome idea mate! will try that right away. =)

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8/8/2012 4:10:41 PM (last edit: 8/8/2012 4:10:41 PM)
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