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Selling After Effects projects
show user profile  Reality Man
Anybody here sell their AE projects over at Revostock or wherever and make a few extra bucks?
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8/16/2009 8:52:20 AM (last edit: 8/16/2009 8:52:20 AM)
show user profile  Reality Man
super slow day at the forums I see......well...I'm gonna 'guinea pig' this revostock and let you know how it goes.

Only one thing...I will moving north within next 10-15 days give or Canada.....not yet! I might not be on here in the near future until I get hooked up again...if anyone cares lol.

Moving about 50 miles north and over the mountains.....I just hope the same shit doesn't happen last time I came down the mountain.Don't ask.
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8/16/2009 6:53:10 PM (last edit: 8/16/2009 6:55:45 PM)
show user profile  killerbee2
I'm on revostock. Earnings go directly to my newborn daughter's savings account.
There's a lot of standard stuff on it so it's quite easy to stand out and make a nice buck.

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8/16/2009 8:21:36 PM (last edit: 8/16/2009 8:27:24 PM)
show user profile  Reality Man
There's a lot of standard stuff
end quote

That's what I noticed right away......I have a few ideas which IMO are cool and hopefully stand out and are refreshing.
I see a lot of A. Kramer styles out there all over the place....nothing wrong with that....but,I kinda wanna help change that...raise the bar sorta thing.

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8/17/2009 8:12:09 AM (last edit: 8/17/2009 8:12:09 AM)
show user profile  soontekk
same here although i will be lowering the bar a bit posting all my vidcopilots gone insanely wrong :D

melting ur brainz!
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8/17/2009 7:15:00 PM (last edit: 8/17/2009 7:31:30 PM)
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