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Select Objects/Beginner Question
show user profile  Layoric
Sometimes I can not select an object with Select and Move. Other times I can select whatever object I want, can hold ctrl key and multiple select. Why can I select sometimes and not others? What I do sometimes is go to Select by Name, select everything, then click in the background to deselect everything. Then I can select individual objects with Select and Move. I'd like to just be able to pick objects with Select and Move whenever I want with out it locked up.

Also when I select objects, sometimes the handles are not centered on the object, the handles are off to the side or some distance away from the object. How do I get the handles centered on an object again?

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3/22/2009 7:04:27 PM (last edit: 3/22/2009 7:04:27 PM)
show user profile  horizon
1. Are you sure you aren't in the sub object mode of the object you selected? Maybe you don't even know you have it selected.
Or try pressing spacebar, it locks a selection.

2. Hierarchy tab (right next to the create and edit tabs in the rollouts on the right), affect pivot only, and now you can move your pivot around, center it... Transform gizmo (that's how those handles are called) will be at that spot now

read 438 times
3/23/2009 12:34:05 AM (last edit: 3/23/2009 12:34:05 AM)
show user profile  Layoric
Thanks much

I also found that if you are in Edit Poly mode and have a selection engaged you can only pick the currently selected object. Once you deselect vertex, edge, whichever function you are in, you can select other objects. I think this was my biggest hang up.
read 427 times
3/23/2009 5:46:06 AM (last edit: 3/28/2009 7:59:04 AM)
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