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Save OpenEXR with layers ?
show user profile  FX
I'm trying to set up a batch render process that isolates all my scene objects and saves them out as layered exr with alpha.

It works fine as a single layer, but when I try to add render elements with the Vray frame buffer active the state shows as off because of the way vray handles the buffer, it still renders out as a single layer.

If I use max buffer the elements are active but don't get saved in the exr, they all pop up in a window of their own and need to be saved manually which sort of negates the batch process.

Anyone know of a way around this ?

I can use the Vray buffer & history to save out the layered exrs after the batch process which isn't too bad, but was hoping to automate the whole thing, looks like a dead end but thought I'd ask.


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4/15/2016 11:08:14 AM (last edit: 4/15/2016 11:35:27 AM)
show user profile  Aze
Overall there is a tool called VRImage to Open Exr in Chaos Group can reproduce all of your elements if they were added , interface is like DOS and is explained completely in Vray Guide by Franchesco Legrenzi. Furthermore In Vray 3.2 with 3ds max 2016 , VRImage to open Exr Convertor has new Interface which is easy to work , Just input your Vray Image and select All Channel and convert , in a specific Path all of them will be produced.
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4/17/2016 6:20:36 PM (last edit: 4/17/2016 6:20:36 PM)
show user profile  FX
Passes aren't the problem, I use ProEXR & PSD Manager, it's the matte / selection edges that are the issue.
So far the only way I can get true 100% clean edges is to isolate the object (visible to camera) and render out each one separately.

It bypasses the need for selection mattes or alphas in PS.

I assume when you isolate to camera and render, it processes the scene colours & info into the edges, if you just use the object to generate a matte, then use that matte as a selection in PS, it produces halos.

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4/18/2016 12:40:54 PM (last edit: 4/18/2016 12:59:12 PM)
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