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Save/Load Animation (.xaf)
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we have a tool that stores animation of selected objects into a (horrible) custom text format, so we can apply it to the same objects in another scene. I recently found that the implementation does in fact not reproduce the exact same animation curves, but instead there are subtle differences.

Before rewriting the tool, I wanted to check the builtin solution for this and came across the Save/Load Animation options. The saving looks solid, all animation including maps, materials, custom attributes etc. is stored in the XML file.

The loading however is horribly broken, as far as I can tell. Besides not being able to properly auto-map the objects, even if they are exactly the same ones that I used for saving out the animation, it also skips some things no matter what checkboxes I set or even worse it applies animation twice to different objects and stuff like that.

So pretty much unusable to me on first glance. Am I doing something wrong, what is your experience with this? Are there good alternatives that might spare me having to write a tool for it?

Basically I want to be able to transfer ALL kinds of animation from a set of objects to another scene that includes the same objects.


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10/29/2015 12:25:53 PM (last edit: 10/29/2015 12:25:53 PM)
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