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Rigging chain links with only bones
show user profile  Serifaz
Hello... I have been all over the internet asking for help with this issue. the thing is nobody seems to be able to help me.

I thought I would try one last time to see if anyone can help me figure this out.

anyways I am trying to rig a chain link like this one
thing is its a lot harder than it seems to do with only bones.
the reason I can only use bones is it is all that is supported with the physics engine I am using for a skyrim mod.

can anyone help me structure a rig for this?
read 348 times
4/10/2016 12:44:13 AM (last edit: 4/10/2016 12:44:13 AM)
show user profile  Garp
Search for tank tracks tutorials. There are plenty of them.
Also, MrGrotey rigged a bicycle chain some time ago (Belleville ?). If he's around and remembers how he did it, he might be able to help.

read 333 times
4/10/2016 6:36:29 AM (last edit: 4/10/2016 6:37:41 AM)
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