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reptile fan art
show user profile  luima
i have some free time now, and i am modeling a fan art i want to share here:

read 483 times
1/11/2015 5:47:02 PM (last edit: 1/11/2015 5:47:02 PM)
show user profile  Octopuzzy

read 465 times
1/11/2015 6:27:47 PM (last edit: 1/11/2015 6:27:47 PM)
show user profile  9krausec
I'm excited to watch this progress! Also good to see you around MF some more.

- Portfolio-

read 461 times
1/11/2015 6:36:31 PM (last edit: 1/11/2015 6:36:31 PM)
show user profile  mrgrotey
I'm confused, the topology looks horrific so far but I know this is going to be insanely awesome knowing Luima's history :)


read 449 times
1/11/2015 8:01:04 PM (last edit: 1/11/2015 9:09:30 PM)
show user profile  luima

you guessed Octopuzzy! thanks a lot 9Krausec, you are right mrgrotey, the topology looks like crap, i will only use it to block the volume and shape, here is another update.


read 419 times
1/12/2015 2:55:10 AM (last edit: 1/12/2015 2:55:53 AM)
show user profile  luima
another update.


read 366 times
1/13/2015 4:03:50 AM (last edit: 1/13/2015 4:03:50 AM)
show user profile  mike_renouf

read 354 times
1/13/2015 8:31:13 AM (last edit: 1/13/2015 8:31:13 AM)
show user profile  luima
yes, it is smaug, here is another update:

read 344 times
1/13/2015 1:50:48 PM (last edit: 1/13/2015 1:50:48 PM)
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